Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Simulated Gambling Week Seven

I just found out over the weekend about a bill passed in congress that will essentially eliminate almost all forms of online gambling. So, if you’re planning on making money off of my picks, you’ll have to a) move to Las Vegas, or b) find yourself a bookie. I managed to claw through another week of college football with a decent 7-5-1 record. Hopefully my picks this week will be better than that. Despite being eight games over .500 for the season, I am disappointed with the results thus far. I expected to be a little better.

Season record to date: 40-32-2

(Home team in CAPS; My pick in Bold)

NAVY -2 Rutgers

If Rutgers is wondering whether it is being taken seriously across the country, this line says the answer is no. Navy isn’t bad. The Midshipmen run a difficult offense to defend. Rutgers comes in to this game with one of the top rushing attacks in college football. The over/under on total combined passing yards in this game should be around 200. But, Rutgers should be too much for Navy to handle.

TEXAS A&M PK Missouri

If Missouri is wondering whether it is being taken seriously cross the country, this line says the answer is no. Missouri is a good team. It proved that by smoking Texas Tech last week. I would be surprised if Mizzou doesn’t win this game.

AUBURN -2.5 Florida

If Florida is wondering whether it is being taken seriously across the country, this line says the answer is no. Florida is almost halfway through the most difficult schedule in college football. It has passed its first two tests against Tennessee and LSU. Auburn looked every bit as good as Florida until last week when the Tigers were pummeled at home by Arkansas. I’ll take Florida to win against the spread and straight up.

California -7.5 WASHINGTON STATE

If California is wondering whether it is being taken seriously across the country, this line says the answer is no. California should destroy Washington State. I don’t have much else to say about this game.

Boise State -21 NEW MEXICO STATE

I can finally use a different sentence to start one of these summaries. Boise State is undoubtedly a different team on the road but it still managed to crush Utah at Utah last week. By the way, that Utah +4 line should go down as the worst line in college football history. New Mexico State is very bad. I’ll take Boise to trounce on the road.

Maryland -2 VIRGINIA

I knew Virginia was bad this year but I didn’t know that it was ten points worse than East Carolina. Not knowing that cost me a game last week. If Virginia truly is that bad, then Maryland should take this game by at least two points. This isn’t a vote for Maryland rather a vote against Virginia.

CLEMSON -43 Temple

Temple is bad. If Clemson doesn’t show mercy, this line should be good for Clemson even at -50.

WISCONSIN -10.5 Minnesota

Wisconsin is a good team but Minnesota is almost a mirror image of Wisconsin. I can’t see this game being a blow out. With a win, Wisconsin will remain on pace for a surprising New Year’s Day bowl game.

Michigan -6.5 PENN STATE

I thought about taking this pick off the board when it was discovered that Mario Manningham would not play in this game. However, if Michigan’s defense shows up, it should win by more than 6.5 points. I expect PSU to play its best game of the year so this pick could come back to haunt me.

Virginia Tech -2.5 BOSTON COLLEGE

This pick just comes down to my belief that Va. Tech is better than BC. There isn’t much else to say about this game.


This is a pick against Army, not for Connecticut. I’ve been about 50/50 with Army picks this year. Let’s hope I have learned something.

OREGON -10.5 Ucla

Without Ben Olson, UCLA will have its hands full at Oregon. I wouldn’t have touched the initial line which was something like Oregon -7 with Olson healthy. Oregon should relish the chance to come home after getting embarrassed by California. The Ducks should bounce back with a bunch of points.

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