Thursday, October 05, 2006

So Happy to be Wrong

The Tigers pulled one out against the Yankees today which makes this a best of three series with the Tigers having homefield advantage. Not only were the Tigers not embarassed, they stifled the Yankees with a barrage of 100+ mph pitches and an equally impressive assortment of off-speed gems. Every pitcher that came into the game did an excellent job. Jamie Walker did exactly what the Tigers needed. Joel Zumaya was lethal. Jonesy threw strikes and forced the Yankees to try to beat him with their bats instead of on the base paths.

This sets up a surreal scene tomorrow night in Motown. The Tigers will have a chance to go up 2-1 in front of an electrifying crowd. The victory today also ensured that Jeremy Bonderman will make his debut on the biggest of stages on Saturday. If the Tigers are going down, they should go down with their best "guns" on the mound. "Bondo" certainly qualifies. The baseball world is seeing what kind of arms the Tigers have and they have to be impressed. I can't help but look ahead to a possible game five and hope that somehow, someway, Justin Verlander can be ready to go again. That could end up being the biggest affect from Yesterday's rainout. Go Tigers!

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