Sunday, October 01, 2006

"Bondo" for the Division

I’m off to Comerica Park for what will hopefully be a Central Division clinching victory. I feel bad for the fans that went to the game last night since their enjoyment was in the hands of Zach Miner which is never a good thing. Fortunately for the Tigers, Miner’s arm is not strong enough to start two games in a row. Instead, Jeremy Bonderman will be taking the mound today. “Bondo” has a chance to put a final stamp on what has certainly been the best regular season of his career. He has a chance to finish with a sub 4.00 ERA for the first time in his young career. It stands at 3.99 entering the game. He also has a chance of finishing 15-8 on the season which looks a whole lot better on paper than 14-9.

I feel comfortable knowing that regardless of what the Tigers do today, they will be in the playoffs. I have been on an unbelievable high (the legal version) since the Tigers clinched a playoff spot. 1987 was a long, long time ago. This is as close as I’ve felt to being an eight-year old in a long time. I am giddy at the notion that with a win today, I’ll be going to a Tigers home playoff game on Tuesday or with a loss (and a Twins win) I will be going to a Tigers home playoff game on Friday. The Old English “D” isn’t a sign of futility anymore!

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