Friday, July 08, 2005

Detroit Tigers 2006 payroll=$$$

Peter Gammons reported on ESPN's Baseball Tonight that the Tigers are planning on increasing their payroll to as much as $100 million next season. The Tigers payroll entering this season was $69 million. $100 would be the fourth highest payroll in the league behind the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and New York Mets.

I personally don't see the Tigers taking on an additional $31 million to the payroll. With Bobby Higginson's $9 million salary and Fernando Vina's $3 million salary coming off the books, the Tigers were all ready going to have money to spend. If they can spend $100 next season then I guarantee the Tigers will be in the playoffs.

Gammons also furthured speculation that the Tigers are interested in Florida's A.J. Burnett. Expect the Tigers to make a strong play for a top of the rotation starter in the off season. Hopefully the Tigers don't bite on Barry Zito as reports have indicated.


Tony said...

Not just Higginson at almost 9 mil, and Vina's 3 mil, but Polanco at 4.5, Jason Johnson at 4, and Rondell at 3.25 are three other contracts expiring after this year.

While the payroll is almost 69, that doesn't mean Illitch is paying 69 million for salaries. Some contracts, like Vina's, are being paid by the insurance companies, the main reason that Vina hasn't retired or been released.

Someone like Polanco has expressed interest in staying in Detroit, and at at only 29 years old, he fits into a team with Pudge (33), Guillen (29), Inge (28), Ordonez (31), Monroe (28), to be a part of the core team for a few years. I'd expect him to be brought back.

Other expiring contracts, like Rondell and Johnson probably won't be brought back, especially if the team is looking to add payroll. Take away Higgy, Vina, and the 7+ mil for Johnson and White, and the payroll comes closer to 50 mil. Getting to 100 million just doesn't seem possible.

I believe AJ Burnetts contract also expires at the end of this year, so adding him would depend on how the Tigers feel their chances are to make the Wild Card. While they currently sit 2 under 500, two more games against Tampa, and the mighty Royals after the break could see the Tigers kick into a run in the second half. Douglass has done well, but for a playoff run, adding AJ would be nice. Though come the playoffs, you generally go to a 4 man rotation, so how much is it worth to trade away for a 5th guy (even though Burnett is probably more talented than our other starters, I see the other four as set in the organizations mind).

The outfield for next season depends on Nook and Granderson (his strikeouts, especially for a guy that's supposed to be a table setter, scare me). Monroe and Mags are set. If Shelton keeps hitting like his has for the month of June, I don't know how you can possibly add 50 million for only a few positions.

Tony said...

for the record, Burnett is more talented than SOME of our other starters. He is not better than BONDO-MANIA!

Tony said...

One last thing about Burnett. A lot of speculation is that Detroit wants Burnett but not just for the rest of this year, or for a playoff run. They would like to acquire him with a multi-year deal, however, this may limit their chances of getting him till after the season. Another team in the playoff hunt may be willing to part with more, to make a deal with the Marlins. While Detroit has good pitching depth in the minors, and depending on their position for the playoff picture, Burnett might get traded elsewhere, if anywhere, and the pursued after the season by Detroit.


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