Thursday, July 07, 2005

NCAA Stupidity

The NCAA has decided that all media guides must be created equal. The new rule states that no media guide can surpass 208 pages. To put this in perspective, Michigan's media guide is 368 pages. Michigan St. needs to cut there's by 90 pages. The NCAA feels that it's unfair for schools with lesser tradition to have such small media guides. The regulation is an effort to help smaller schools become more successful in recruiting. Apparently, the media guide has a much bigger influence over where a recruit goes than anyone ever knew. In fact, there might have been one person in college recruiting history that has used the media guide to make his/her decision as to where to attend college. In a blatant form of hypocrisy, the NCAA is allowing schools to post the deleted information on the internet as if recruits won't be able to see it. Give me a break.

If the NCAA is serious about leveling the playing field (and it seems like they are) then they need to take down every championship banner hanging from the rafters and every jersey that a school has retired. They need to forbid record keeping all together. They need to abolish the trophy cases and forbid teams from increasing stadium capacity. While they're at it, they might as well limit the amount of money a school can spend on the football program and limit the coaching salaries. I mean, wouldn't all of those things make a bigger difference in leveling the playing field than reducing the size of a media guide?

The media guide is about celebrating tradition. Schools earn the right to tell their history by performing on the field. With the playoff debacle, and now this, it seems like the NCAA tries to figure out what people want, and then does the opposite.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Jake 100%!

Anonymous said...

I didn't think there was more than one "Nuechterlein." I'll be damned.

Screw the media guide at MSU anyway. It's 400 pages of pictures since Spartans are not known for their reading ability. Who wants to see Duffy Daugherty in drag anyway. MFL

Anonymous said...

I think Finbarr O'Brien is the man. Go Blue!


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