Monday, July 11, 2005

Kenny's In

I will not let Kenny Rogers ruin Bondermania. I can't really blame "The Gambler" for choosing to go to the All-Star game. It's baseball's most prolific spectacle. Plus, it's in Detroit. I haven't met anyone who'd willingly pass up a trip to Detroit. However, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping that the home town fans would let him hear it for keeping Bonderman off of the team. I think that it's reasonable to think that 2 beat up cameraman should not equal 1 All-Star game appearance. That's fuzzy math.

However, since Bonderman won't be making an appearance, this will allow him to keep his scheduled start against the Royals on Thursday. A win would give Bonderman 12 wins one day after the All-Star break leaving him in good position to make a run at 20. To be honest, I'd rather have Bonderman win 20 and NOT make the All-Star team than make the team and NOT win 20 games. Maybe this one game against the Royals will be the difference.


Anonymous said...

Detroit sports fans are some of the most intelligent around. Don't worry, I'm sure Kenny will hear it from the crowd tomorrow night. Well deserved too.

Tony said...

Looking at Bonderman's numbers this year, and he has a strong case for the All-Star game. Sure he had two rough outings (one against Arizona a few weeks ago, and the other in the beginning of April against Cleveland) and throwing them out and his numbers would be a record of 11-3, 113.2 ip, 88 k's with an ERA of 3.09 and a WHIP of 1.15. Sure you can't exactly throw those starts out when you look at making a guy an All-Star, but my point is that this is still a guy that won't turn 23 till shortly after the season.

Looking at the numbers of some other pitchers, and Bonderman's numbers are eerily similar to those of recent studs when they were 22. Rich Harden last year, Peavy the year before that, Beckett two years ago and and even similar to Wood, Pedro, and Clemens. Guys like Tim Hudson, Oswalt, and Halladay were still in the minors at this time. Besides maybe Mark Prior's insane season, Bonderman is stacking up to the best in the business, and we know he will see plenty of All-Star games to come.

Of all the guys I mentioned though, Hudson got to 20 wins when he was 25 but hasn't done that again in the last 5 years. Halladay hit 20 wins when he was 26. Pedro and Oswalt didn't get to the 20 win mark till they were 27. Prior, Peavy, Wood, Harden, Beckett haven't gotten to 20. Out of the 4, only Prior has over 15 in any year, and Beckett hasn't even reached 10, while Bonderman already has 11 this year. Clemens first topped 20 (with 24) during the summer he turned 24.

Getting 20 wins at the tender age of 22 would be remarkable, something that many of the best haven't done.

Let's go Bonderman, prove to everyone, except those of us that already are believers, that you belong by topping 20!

Who knows, maybe Verlander, who will be 22 all next year, could duplicate the feat!


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