Saturday, July 02, 2005


Watcha gonna do when Jeremy Bonderman and all his Bondermaniacs run wild on you?

Well, if you're the Big Unit, you pick up a loss. If you're Terry Francona, you name him to the All-Star team!

In a game that felt like the opening day blowout against the Royals, the Tigers were hitting on all cylinders against the Yankees. Magglio Ordonez surprised everyone by showing up in the cleanup spot. The Tigers chased Randy Johnson out of the game in the 5th inning after lighting him up for nine hits and seven runs!

Bonderman looked to be a sure bet for the All-Star game before his implosion against the Diamondbacks last Sunday. The matchup against the Big Unit was his last start before the All-Star team is announced and last chance to make an impression on AL Manager Terry Francona. Bonderman delivered on cue with a complete game to pick up his tenth win. No Tiger pitcher has had 10 wins before the All-Star breakthis since Bill Gulickson in 1991.

Despite Bonderman's strong comeback game against the Yankees, his ten wins are no guarantee that he'll make the team. Francona will likely choose 12 pitchers for the midseason classic. With the following pitchers having better ERA's (and impressive winning %), the need for at least 3 relievers and the potential for lesser deserving players serving as their team's loan representative, Bonderman could get squeezed at least according to Alan Schwarz of

Mark Buehrle (CWS) 10-1 2.42 ERA
Bartolo Colon (LAA)10-3 3.02 ERA
Jon Garland (CWS) 12-3 3.25 ERA
Roy Halladay (TOR) 11-4 2.40 ERA
Kenny Rogers (TEX) 9-3 2.46 ERA
Johan Santana (MIN) 7-4 3.78 ERA
Matt Clement (BOS) 9-1 3.33 ERA

Hopefully Alan Trammell can use his position as All-Star game bench coach to encourage Francona to let Bonderman pitch in front of the home fans. Keep your fingers crossed.

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