Saturday, July 09, 2005

Bondo needs help from "The Gambler"

After AL manager Terry Francona stated publicly that his first alternate would be his own guy Matt Clement, it looked like Bonderman's All-Star break would be spent fishing with Doug Creek. However, Roy Halladay went down last night after getting hit in the shin by a line drive. Halladay was taken to the hospital for x-rays and obviously wasn't able to finish the game. For all I know, Halladay could be fine but I doubt that he'll be 100% for the All-Star game in three days. If he can't make it, then Clement is in.

I would have to think that Bonderman would be the next alternate since he has 11 wins and a sub 4.00 era. It all comes down to Texas Rangers pitcher Kenny Rogers. He still hasn't stated whether or not he'll withdraw himself from the mid-season classic after attacking two cameramen. Hopefully, The Gambler "knows when to fold 'em" and "knows when to walk away". If he does, Bonderman will make the All-Star team at age 22.

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