Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Big Ben! Parliament!

London will be the site of the 2012 summer Olympics. This is a big blow for New York City and Paris. It would've been cool to see the Olympics in NYC. My number one choice would've been Detroit. If it couldn't be Detroit and it couldn't be New York City, then I'm glad it was London. I've been to Paris twice and it's very dirty. Plus, France is dumb.


Anonymous said...

Hey I know bad-mouthing France is the latest fad but I had a blast when I was in Paris.

Tony said...

NYC jumped into the bidding too late. Plus concerns over where and how much a new arena may cost, they were fighting an uphill battle. Spain had Barcelona a few years ago, but with the IOC apparantly having concerns and hopes of generating a lot of money, Madrid didn't seem to have the aura of a London or Paris.

Maybe politics came into play. Besides that being a statement of the obvious, many may have questions with the US, and France, and how the Middle East has been panning out. But with Blair and England being a sidekick in all this, that doesn't seem to add up.

But with two NBA Finals, the Ryder Cup, the MLB All-Star Festivities, and a Super Bowl, Detroit has gotten all the experience needed to host the Olympics! Did Kwame's credit card max out? He couldn't buy any more gifts on the tax payers dime?

Anonymous said...

Detroit would be a great site. They could put the relays on the streets of the east-side and you better believe records will be set. They could use Cobo for Basketball, and Tiger Stadium for crickett. Maybe add the event of "escaping from an abondoned home during demolition" for the light at heart. Hell yeah. Bring it on. Detroit is always ready like its citizens. MFL


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