Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Red Wings have a coach

The Wings have reportedly signed Mike Babcock as their new coach. The move hasn't been announced publicly but the deal could be worth $2.5 million over three years. The Mighty Ducks offered Babcock a one year contract but he turned it down.

Wings fans might remember Babcock as the the coach that led the Ducks to a shocking upset over the Wings in the 2003 playoffs. Anaheim went on to lose to the New Jersey Devils in the Stanley Cup Finals.

UPDATE 7/13: The signing probably won't be announced until some time next week.

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Jake said...

Thanks to anon. for the heads up on the Yzerman link. I guess the goofballs running the Wings official site haven't been doing much in the last year since it was listed in their "breaking news/press release" section.


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