Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Is Pudge Crazy?

Pudge said he thinks Justin Verlander should be a relief pitcher. That could be the worst idea I've ever heard in my life. How could someone who has caught in the majors for 15 years think something so ridiculous? Verlander is the #1 pitching prospect in baseball. He's been unstoppable as a starter in the minors. Developing your own top of the rotation talent is the most important thing a MLB franchise can do. I'm in shock.


Tony said...

I can see how pudge would look at Verlander, and see someone that would be a good closer. He's a guy, that throws heat, but doesn't have command yet of 3 plus pitches. Normally guys with just a fastball and change stick to the bullpen where by pitching only an inning a game, can keep lighting up the radar game by not wearing down as the game goes on.

I'm just playing devil's advocate here, because in reality, Verlander's 99 mph fastball is both a relatively easy 99, meaning he doesn't force it, and it's not overly bothersome to his elbow. He continously goes deep into games, where he is still clocking in the high 90's come the 7-8-9 inning. That's the sign of a guy that can throw heat, and be a front of the rotation ace next to Bonderman, assuming he can get that curve to become a "plus" pitch.

robert paulson said...

First of all, Verlander's command with his secondary pitches is outstanding for somebody that has pitched 3 months in pro ball. His K/BB rates at Lakeland and Erie are off the charts. Pudge might have seen him a bit nervous and not locating his curve the other night, but the guys has 3 major league ready pitches right now. His fastball is dominant. His curve is probably one of the best in the minors. His change is improving and not too shabby.

Pudge is so far off the mark it isn't funny.


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