Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The New Orleans Saints aka Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Don't ever trust Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Don't trust him in real life and don't trust him if you're in a wrestling storyline with him. Jake used to tell people to "trust me" before knocking them out with the DDT. The "say no to drugs" public service announcement is hilarious for anyone who has seen "Beyond the Mat" where he clearly does drugs. He's subsequently been arrested for cocaine use and drunk driving.

Don't ever trust the New Orleans Saints. It doesn't matter who they have on the roster. They might try to put a spell on you by going 4-0 to end the season and making a late season push for a playoff spot. Don't buy it. They've had the same team the last three years and haven't improved one iota. Each year, the Saints are pegged as a team to watch because of their talent. I'm not buying it anymore. The Saints just aren't a good team. Aaron Brooks, Deuce McCallister and Joe Horn will put up big fantasy numbers. Donte Stallworth is very good when healthy but that doesn't happen very often. I don't even feel like talking about the Saints. They're a waste of time. They have good players but their team is average at best. I'm actually pissed that I've written this much about them.

The schedule is pretty difficult considering their in-division opponents. They have to play New England, NY Jets, and Buffalo along with Detroit, Minnesota and Green Bay. Nobody will look forward to playing the Saints because of their potential but nobody has to worry about these guys making the playoffs.

Predicted record: 7-9


Anonymous said...

well the saints speak for themself and there going to win today you will see i want chicago to win but i get the feeling its the year of the saints and indi will win there first superbowl after that will be able to say that peyton manning is one of the best quaterback in the league and for jake the snake do not believe everything they say on beyond the mat it was done to destroy him i am not saying that he's an angel
the contrary rent the dvd on jake the snake roberts and you will see a different story

Jake said...

Thanks for the info on Jake the Snake. I'll check it out.

Keep in mind that this post was a preview for the Saints for last season--not this one. I thought the Saints were going to have a difficult time winning in Chicago. We'll see how the game turns out. I do agree about Manning. I think they're going to win it.


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