Thursday, August 18, 2005

You've gotta love pre-season football

I thought I found the NFL's version of a four leaf clover but I was wrong.

I was watching the Bills/Colts pre-season game from last Saturday. Here is how the first drive of the game went:

Colts kickoff and Bills return it to the 27.

1st down Losman rolls right and passes incomplete
2nd down McGahee rushes up the middle for 2 yards
3rd down Losman throws incomplete
4th down Bills run a sweep to the right for no gain
5th down punt

Yep, the Bills punted on 5th and 8 or at least I thought. Nobody said a word. The announcers didn't see it. The Bills and Colts didn't see it. The officials had no idea either. I thought, am I the only person in the world that saw this? I was giddy because I couldn't possibly be the only person in the world to see a 5th down without anyone else noticing. And I wasn't. There were two five yard penalties. One on each team for a net total of 0 yards over 5 plays. So no 5th down and no four leaf clover. Preseason sucks.


Jake said...

Ok, I was even more confused when I first read the play by play that you listed because I saw them punt from the 27 which is where the drive started. What I saw was five plays with zero net gain. One five yard penalty wouldn't explain this But, I've found the answer. There were actually two penalties on the drive. One was five yards on Buffalo and one was five yards on Indianapolis leaving a net gain of zero yards but resulted in five total plays. So no fifth down and no four clover.

Anonymous said...

Jake how the hell did you see this game? I want entertainment as much as the next guy. Really, to tell you the truth...we are sick just talking about this. I place absolutely no value on pre-season football. It's kind of like the guy at work who you've worked with for years that you see in the common area and you have no idea what his first name and you say..."so how's it going?"

The answer to the question nor the act of preseason football really matter. But the story told here about the Bills and Colts much like the a tickler.


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