Friday, August 19, 2005

Meaningless Gibberish

  • The Detroit Free Press is running a fascinating series on Ty Cobb. As I'm sure all of you know, Cobb has has been portrayed as a racist and rightfully so. It's hard to idolize a man that was so misguided on such an important issue. However, this article shows that Cobb reformed his views as much as anyone born in the deep south following the Cival War could reasonably be expected. It has changed my opinion of him. Clearly, this does not vindicate Cobb's cock-eyed views but this article shows that only half of the story has been told. Many of the best baseball players from Cobb's era were reportedly diehard racists including Rogers Hornsby, Tris Speaker, and Shoeless Joe Jackson. Cobb's legacy as a baseball player seems to be the only one that is intertwined with his racism. The real story should be how a man with such deep racist feelings came to realize the error of his ways in his later years rather than fueling the same old story about his hatred. America was infested with racism in the early 1900's. Cobb was par for the course. That doesn't make it right but Cobb seems to be the poster boy for some reason. For anyone who hasn't read Cobb's biography by Al Stump, I highly recommend it. I also found an interesting thread on a baseball website that discusses Ty Cobb and racism. It's amazing how 100 years later people still don't know what happened. It's mostly conjecture but interesting conjecture nonetheless.

  • The Dodgers started the season with one of the best bullpens in the league. If the name of their new closer is any indication, things are getting downright messy in LA.

  • In the most shocking news since it was reported that the Sun rose this morning, Randy Moss admits to marijuana use. In a poll of over 17,000 ESPN users, a whopping 70% said they don't care. In other news, the Sun is really hot.

  • This could be the marketing campaign that puts the Detroit Lions over the top. I can't believe they're actually thinking about doing this. If this happens, people will get eaten. I send my condolences to the lambs and cattle in the area.

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