Thursday, August 18, 2005

Finally a chance to create a riddle

The previous post might actually present an opportunity at creating a riddle. I've always wanted to come up with a riddle but I lacked the a) desire to put in the necessary time and b) requisite brain power. This could be my one chance at glory. To recap, the Bills ran four offensive plays and then punted from the same place where the drive started without ever attaining a first down. Since I probably wasn't paying close enough attention to the game to notice two penalties, I mistook this scenario as a rare 5th down mistake when, in fact, it wasn't.

So the riddle could go something like this.....

How is it possible for a team to start a drive 1st and 10 on the 27 yard line, run four offensive plays without achieving a first down or gaining an offensive yard and then punt on the fifth play from the same exact spot (27 yard line)?

Answer: The offensive team needs to gain zero yards on all plays. One play must result in a defensive five yard penalty. This could occur from an offsides or a zero yard gain with an unintentional face mask penalty. So that would be four plays. Three plays with zero gain and a fourth play also with a zero gain but with a defensive penalty. That, however, would mean the ball would be spotted at the 32 yard line so something else needs to happen. The offense needs to committ a five yard penalty before the snap so there won't be a fifth offensive play (false start). That would leave you with four offensive plays with zero net yards punting from the same spot that the drive started on.

Does anyone see another answer for this? And more importantly, does this qualify as a good riddle or is it simply meaningless jibberish? If it's meaningless jibberish, then it wasn't my idea.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad it wasn't your idea. The best riddle ever though is the three guys going to the motel room that costs $45 but the owner realizes he overcharged them $5 so he gives it to the bellboy to give back. The bellboy realizes he can't easily split it up, so he gives the guys back $1 each and keeps $2 for himself. If each guy spent $15 originally and got a $1 back, they only spent $14 each. $14 x 3 = $42 + $2 the bellboy kept = $44. They originally spent $45. Where did the $1 go??????

Nobody knows.

What wrestler is going to represent the Lions? Another great riddle, possibly the worlds greatest?!?!

I am anxiously waiting. Maybe Leaping Lanny Poffo, didn't he give awesome riddles? The Lions are definitely a mystery this year. Or maybe, Mr. X or whatever, the guy who always wore the mask and who's origin, weight and height was unknown. Hmmm...

Tony said...

The room costs $45, but they were overcharged $5.

So they originally paid $50. $50/3 is $16.67. After getting $1 dollar back, they've now paid $15.67 each right.

$15.67 x 3 = $47. Plus the $2 the bellboy kept puts the total at $49. That's the riddle right, where is that last dollar.

The thing is, if you look at the problem that way, you are looking at it wrong.

At $15.67 each, that means the 3 guests put $47 towards the room. The room only cost $45. So the $47 they put towards the room counts the $2 the bellboy kept. So the proper way of looking at the math is $47 - $2 = $45.

Tony said...

As for the football riddle, along the same lines as what you were thinking Jake, but, have negating penalties on the same play resulting in a replay of the down. Either that, or maybe a fan goes running on the field and intercepts a pass or disrupts the play and the play is blown dead. Or maybe a qb goes Randy Johnson, and throws the football and we see it explode into a bird flying across the field and then the play needs to be re-run as well.

I guess a team could just have -5 yards from a sack or a bad run or a take a few knees on three of the downs, with a d penalty.

This probably counts as a riddle, though I'd love to hear if anyone comes up with a really obscure answer.

Jake said...

A couple things...

1). The riddle about the three guys in the hotel is the best riddle I've ever heard. I also liked the one about the guy hanging in a hotel room with nothing in it but a puddle of water underneath.

2). The wrestler that represents the Lions has already been determined and I think you'll dig it based on your suggestions. The biggest riddle for me is when to post it. I have no idea. I never know which team to post. It's like a buffet line. Each day I have to pick one thing from the buffet line. I don't like it.


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