Friday, August 12, 2005

Jets-Lions TONIGHT!!!

The Lions and the Jets play in the Super Bowl tonight.....errr I mean they play in a meaningless pre-season game. However, that means that the season is just around the corner and we can start talking about football. In honor of tonight's marquee matchup, I'll be embarking on a 32 day odyssey called "My 2005 NFL preview WWE-style". I'll be previewing each team in the NFL. I'll be doing the teams randomly but I'll let you know who I think will make the playoffs and win the Super Bowl at the end of the preview. Along the way, I'll point out the teams to look out for and the teams that are going to disapoint. Since the NFL has more storylines than the WWE, I'll compare each team to a professional wrestler. You'll get the idea after you read my first preview. I know a lot of you are, or have been, wrestling fans so I'm sure you'll get a kick out of it. If this is a bust, then I'll cancel the preview and give my blog away to charity. If this is entertaining, I would expect no less than kudos and accolades and possibly more depending on your financial status.


Anonymous said...

It's coincidental that you mention pre-season football with professional wrestling, as I will be missing tonight's Detroit opener to drive down to Dayton, and then Chicago tomorrow, to watch a wrestling company that most have never even heard of.

I'm definitely looking forward to this.

Anonymous said...

Lions=Mr. Fuji!


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