Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Houston Texans aka the 1-2-3 Kid

The 1-2-3 Kid made his big splash in wrestling when he pulled off a monumental upset over Razor Ramon. He was a fresh face in wrestling who seemed to get a "push" out of nowhere. In all honesty, that was probably the highlight of his career. He pretty much stunk after that.

I keep hearing how the Texans are the rising team in the NFL. I have to say that I’m not buying it. There are worse quarterbacks in the league than David Carr. Andre Johnson is probably the most underrated wide receiver in the league. Sports Illustrated showed their brilliance by rating him the #18 fantasy wide receiver in the league. If you think he’s the 18th wr then I’ve got some 80’s baseball cards that I’d like to sell you. Jabar Gaffney and Corey Bradford are decent options to go with Johnson. Dominick Davis looked better two years ago than he did last season. He averaged under 4.0 yards per carry and only managed 1,100 yards rushing with a paltry four 100 yard games. The offensive line has been porous. Carr got sacked 49 times last season which begs the question, do the Texans know that you're allowed to use five offensive linemen? The Texans won’t ever get consistent offensive production giving up that many sacks.

The two best defensive players for the Texans over the last few years have been Aaron Glenn and Jamie Sharper. The two best players on the team this season won’t be either of those players since the Texans let them go. I don’t really know what Houston is doing on defense. The roster is thin and the talent is thinner. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Texans have one of the worst defenses in the league. Phillip Buchanon came over from Oakland but if I remember correctly, the Raiders had the worst defense in the AFC. Yep, I remembered correctly. I think the Texans would have to switch to a 10-4 defense to be respectable. Bad things are on the horizon for this team.

As bad as I think the Texans will be on defense, they have a schedule that actually gives them a chance to get to 7-9 for the second season in a row. They play Indy (2), Jax (2) and Tennessee (2) in the division. They could go 3-3 in those games but 2-4 is probably more likely. They get a break by playing the NFC West. I think they’ll go 2-2 against Arizona, San Francisco, St. Louis and Seattle. The rest of the schedule has Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cincy, Cleveland, KC, and Baltimore. I think there’s three wins at the most in that group but more than likely it’ll be two.

Predicted record: 6-10

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