Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Minnesota Vikings aka Lex Luger

The Vikings remind me of Lex Luger when he left WCW to go to the WWF. He called himself "The Narcicist" Lex Luger. His claim was that he had the perfect physique. He loved to look at himself in the mirror and immediately became a force in the WWF. Luger was already a household name in the WCW but this move was supposed to emphasize a major push in his wrestling career. The Vikings did the same by getting rid of Randy Moss. Getting rid of Moss has supposedly made the Vikings a better team. Many people even have the Vikings going to the Super Bowl. Luger's move to the WWF didn't make him better. He was already a headliner and the move merely confirmed his status as a headliner.

I have a theory about the Vikings. I don't have a name for it so I'll make one up right now. It's the "Randy Moss" theory. I fully expect zero points for originality. Anyhow, I think the loss of Randy Moss will make the Vikings better suited to contend with the elite teams like Philly. On the other hand, I think the loss of Moss will make the Vikings easier to beat for the lesser teams. The Vikings were one-dimensional against good teams. They relied too heavily on Moss. When they played against physical teams, that gameplan didn't work. However, that gameplan worked perfectly against overmatched secondaries like the Detroit Lions. Daunte Culpepper would just heave it up to Moss and there wasn't anything anyone could do about it.

The Vikings don't have the "trump" card anymore against the lower caliber teams. Teams like the Lions and Cowboys have a much better chance of beating Minnesota without Randy Moss no matter who the Vikings have. On the other hand, Minnesota improved there entire team by bringing in Sam Cowart, Napoleon Harris, Erasmus James, Darren Sharper, Fred Smoot, Pat Williams, Troy Williamson and Antoine Winfield. Minnesota has a better roster than in previous seasons. However, I don't think it'll show up in the win column because Moss bailed them out like nobody else could against average teams. Despite the Vikings getting better on paper, I think they'll continue to be an above average NFC team that probably won't make it to the Super Bowl.

The big advantage for Minnesota is that the NFC is a pretty weak conference. They were the second best team in the conferene last year and I think they'll be the second best team again this year. They have a relatively easy schedule. I just don't think they can beat Philly. They were overmatched twice by the Eagles last season. I think Minnesota can make it to the NFC title game but that's about it.

Predicted record: 12-4


Anonymous said...

I predicted them as my NFC Super Bowl representative but that is predicated on the defense gelling. I think the running game will be very good and the passing game as good as Culpepper...which is pretty damn good. Eagles have to be the favorites, no doubt about that. But the Vikings are right there and are finally headed in the right direction.

PS: Wonder if Lex was a Vikings fan? Seems about right.

Anonymous said...

Oh, didn't Luger go teh way of Momma Cass and choke on a chicken bone? What's the background on that? Is he really dead or is it just a wrestling ploy? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

Poor, poor Larry Pfohl, aka Lex Luger, his life has certainly spiraled downhill. From the wikipedia entry on the subject (all of which I knew beforehand but I'm too lazy to type it out).

In 2003, Pfohl's companion, WWE figure Miss Elizabeth, was found dead in Marietta, Georgia of a drug overdose. The wrestler was arrested in connection with her death, but was eventually released when the coroner ruled the death accidental. In 2005, Pfohl again ran afoul of the law, being arrested in Canton, Georgia and charged with driving under the influence.

I don't get the Vikings hype at all. I don't think their defense is any great shakes, and I don't think teams are going to be afraid of their running game, especially if Bennett gets hurt as he inevitably will. 9-7 at most.

Anonymous said...

Miss Elizabeth is dead! Damn I've lost my way.

Thanks for the explanation and Lex's real call-sign. Maybe if I'm in Georgia I'll have a drink, a snort, and a smoke with him and reminisce about the good times he once knew.


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