Monday, August 29, 2005


  • College football kicks off this weekend. I can't express how psyched I am for football. I like baseball but it has a way of draining every ounce of excitement from your body. Thankfully, college football pumps it right back in. The first weekend offers some pretty good games. Whatever happened to the Florida St.-Miami game? This used to be the marquee game of the season. Now it's just terrible. The over/under on this game should be 9.

  • In a shocking development, Maurice Clarett was cut by the Denver Broncos. I didn't see this coming at all. As I mentioned in my Denver Broncos Preview, Clarett's agent should be brought up on criminal charges for being inept at the highest degree. Clarett decided against a $400,000 signing bonus in order to take an incentive laden deal. I think the deal included a clause that stated Clarett would be made part owner of the Denver Broncos if he was on the team past August 29.

  • Hurricane Katrina is steadfastly approaching the Louisiana coastline. The latest report had it heading for New Orleans. Apparently a few thousand people in the city didn't get the gazillion evacuation warnings because they're hiding in the Superdome! The most amazing part is that these people are actually beating the Saints at halftime 17-10.


Anonymous said...

Saints came back and beat the Downtrodden Dragons 34-31 when Dante Stallworth overtook "Homeless Jeff" and hauled in a 28 yard TD in the final seconds. It was Stallworth's first career touchdown catch and also the first time "Homeless Jeff" took a bath in non-stagnant Gatorade.

Saints play at Detroit Cass Tech next week in the shadow of "crack pipe alley." Should be a barnburner of some sort.

Anonymous said...

speaking of stale...that joke

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

At least the Saints have an excuse. The Lions have no excuse to suck as bad as they did tonight.

Anonymous said...

What the hell happened? Thought this was their year? I guess I'm going against my own theory that preseason doesn't mean shit but this was national TV at home. Gotta come out better than that and at the very least put up a fight.

Jeff Garcia looks good though.


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