Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Week 1 proclamations and observations

  • The Lions are in sole possession of first place in the NFC North. I can’t remember the last time that happened but let’s just say that Bob Sagat was a factor in the television ratings.

  • Before Sunday, the Packers hadn’t failed to score at least six points in a game since 1992.

  • Chad Pennington had six fumbles.

  • Here is how the rookie running backs fared:

    C. Benson 3 carries for 10 yards
    R. Brown 22 carries for 57 yards
    C. Williams 27 carries for 148 yards (Williams had 26 carries for 77 yards before breaking a 71 yard touchdown with :22 left in the game)
    J.J. Arrington 8 carries for 5 yards

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers threw the ball 11 times and won 34-7. Their running backs are W. Parker and V. Haynes. The St. Louis Rams threw the ball 56 times and lost 28-24 to San Francisco. Their running backs are Marshall Faulk and Steven Jackson. Martz is the man.

  • I hope the San Diego Chargers are pleased with their “hard” stance on Antonio Gates. The Chargers gave Gates a deadline to sign by or he would be suspended. Gates signed two days after the deadline to a long term deal. In all probability, that suspension cost San Diego a loss to Dallas. If San Diego thought Gates was so wrong for holding out for a long term deal, then why did they reward him with a long term deal? Doesn’t that vindicate Gates’ holdout? Isn’t that in some way saying that Gates had a point? If Gates had a point, why was he suspended? That just makes no sense. It cost the Chargers a game they should’ve won and that will very likely be the difference between making the playoffs and not.

  • Remember when Javon Walker held out for a long term contract? Walker was due to make a little over $500,000 this year. He’s one of the top WR’s in the NFL. Since NFL contracts aren’t guaranteed, underpaid superstars are left with little recourse other than to hold out when they’re severely underpaid compared to their on-field performance. A severe injury could end a career or significantly decrease a player’s market value. Anyhow, Brett Favre publicly scolded Walker for holding out and told him that he was just being selfish. The Green Bay press jumped on board and before you knew it, a Javon Walker-bash fest was in full effect. The pressure mounted and Walker ended his holdout. Walker tore his ACL on Sunday and will miss the entire season. I hope Brett Favre is happy. Walker should’ve stuck to his guns. He was right to hold out. Favre stuck his nose in Walker’s business and now Walker is paying the price.

  • I got a chance to watch the Kansas City Chiefs/New York Jets game. Larry Johnson might be the best running back in the league. The Chiefs are going to be difficult to beat because their running game is so effective. I like Priest Holmes but I honestly think Johnson is better. To have a 1-2 punch at running back like that is such a luxury. Like I mentioned in the preview, the Chiefs will go as far as Trent Green takes them. Unfortunately for the Chiefs, that won’t be to the Super Bowl.

  • For fantasy football owners, this could be the year of the tight end. It’s no longer Tony G., Antonio Gates, and nobody else. Tampa Bay rookie Alex Smith had two touchdown catches. I doubt he’s still in available in many leagues but he gives Tampa Bay a legitimate threat on offense. Heath Miller caught a touchdown for the Steelers. He only had one catch for three yards but Miller will be a red zone option for the Steelers. Ben Troupe could be the primary benefactor of Norm Chow’s arrival in Tennessee. He had four catches for 28 yards and a touchdown.

  • Just as an FYI—I retired from fantasy sports because I could no longer enjoy watching the games. I was too concerned with how many field goals Ryan Longwell made or how many interceptions Trent Green threw. As a result, I have all of this fantasy football knowledge without any use for it. If anyone wants fantasy advice or needs help making a decision, feel free to email me. If I get enough questions, I’ll even answer them on the site.

  • I picked St. Louis to make the playoffs because they should have four guaranteed wins over Arizona and San Francisco. Well, St. Louis lost to San Francisco on Sunday so obviously that negates my reasoning for picking them for the Wild Card. Don't be surprised if Tampa Bay makes the playoffs. The NFC Wild Card race is going to be ridiculous with Philly, Dallas, Minnesota, Detroit, Green Bay, Carolina, Atlanta, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Seattle and St. Louis all with legitimate chances at a playoff birth.

  • I'm going to put a "chances of making the playoffs" display in the same spot that the "Bonderman countdown to 20 wins" display used to be. I refuse to believe that I jinxed Bonderman. I'm just one out of millions of Tiger fans. I'm going to look fate in the face and stare him/her down. Thus, the Detroit Lions chances of making the playoffs goes up. I won't be scientifically calculating the chances, rather I'll just pick the number based on how I feel about the Lions chances each week. It will start out at 50% after the win over the Pakcers.

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Anonymous said...

You didn't jinx Bonderman. The 24 turds playing around him did.

Great point on Walker and the average fan has to feel some empathy for work situations gone bad. I would have held out also and coming back only put Walker in a position to fail because the Packers would have just franchised him later. Now he has only one ACL and having suffered that injury, although I'm not a world-class athlete, it's an up hill battle for Walker to ever get that big payday.

The NFL players need to sit down before the next collective bargaining session and say, hey look at baseball and basketball players. They get better salaries, more concrete deals, and have avenues to get leverage in contract situations. The whole T.O. debacle made fans wary of these issues because T.O. is such a bloated egomaniac who put himself in his dilemma. Players like Walker and Gates are just trying to get a contract that is worthy of their position level.

With the NFL by far bringing in the most $$$ it makes you wonder where all the money goes? You can’t tell me Billy Clay Ford is making more off the Lions than he is on his side biz. The NFL has some pretty deep pockets and the players are never in a position to get a whole lot of that money when it's falling from the sky. It’s really a shame when you see NBA washouts like (insert any of 50 players here) making more money than an Edge, Dwight Freeney, or Brian Westbrook.


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