Friday, September 30, 2005

Weekend at Sparty's

Saturday marks the biggest game for Michigan St. football in at least thirty years. The Spartans have a chance to make history in a number of respects. It will mark the first time since Michigan St. has been favored over Michigan in 35 years. It may mark the first time in a long, long time that Michigan has been under .500 after four games. It could mark the first time that Michigan St. has been undefeated after the Michigan game since 1999 and only the second time since 1966. A Michigan St. victory would be one of the biggest wins in school history. It’s not necessarily big because it’s Michigan, rather it’s big because MSU has a chance to accomplish things that have previously been unattainable. A win would put Michigan St. in the top 10. A win would put Drew Stanton right at the front of the Heisman race. A win would give MSU a realistic shot at winning the Big Ten. And most importantly, a win would give MSU “revenge” for last year’s loss to Michigan. Michigan St. has a chance to play five of the biggest games in school history this year alone. If they lose to UM, then the season loses its historical significance. If they beat UM, then Ohio St. becomes the biggest game of the last 35 years. If they beat Ohio St., then Purdue becomes the biggest game of the last 35 years. If they beat Purdue, then Minnesota becomes the biggest game of the last 35 years. Simply said, MSU’s season will either become historical this week, or simply become history.

Michigan comes into this game as the clear underdog. The Wolverines were fortunate to come away with a victory over MSU last season due, in large part, to Lamar Woodley’s timely hit on Drew Stanton. I have no problem admitting that a healthy Stanton would’ve meant a glorious day for Sparty. The only difference between this season and last season is that Michigan doesn’t have Superman. Since Sparty dominated Michigan in the first half last year with Superman, I would fully expect Sparty to dominate Michigan without Superman. Michigan St. is Michigan’s biggest nightmare. With Lloyd Carr’s bland schemes and suspect game preparation, any team that opens up the offense and exposes defensive weaknesses will be successful against Michigan. Michigan St. is just that kind of team. Plus, when was the last time Michigan won a game that they were supposed to lose? My guess is the Ohio St. game in 1996. If you don’t believe me, check the schedules. Michigan surely loses a landslide of games that they are supposed to win, but they hardly ever win games that they are supposed to lose. Michigan is supposed to lose on Saturday which means Michigan St. will more than likely win and possibly win big.


Anonymous said...

The only thing that really bothers me listening to this game is the 3rd down conversions against Michigan. Stanton, Stanton, Stanton. Is anyone just tired of them not being able to stop people on third downs?

I don't think they'll fire Carr no matter what happens this year but Herrmann has to go for sure. He's an idiot with all that talent to work with. I really mean it when I say I know I could do a better job.

Anonymous said...

As predicted, Michigan did win. It just wasn't the best circumstances for MSU and that is big when a team with superior talent is up against the wall. If the records would have been reversed I think the Spartans would have won this game going away. I have a lot of respect for John L. Smith who has a solid team in East Lansing who will be good year after year. But they are not Michigan and that was evident today much like it has been evident over the years.

Anonymous said...

I would have much rather had Michigan blow us out than have it as close as it was. Go figure, all the bugaboos that MSU has had in the past came to the forefront for the first time this season:

-Tight, scared play (Jason Avant is good but doesn't need a 10 yard cushion)
-Untimely penalties
-Poor special teams

At least they'll be 4-2 after the Ohio State game, which is right where I had them when I predicted their record this season at this point. And my cat is cheering me up. And Alabama is kicking the dogshit out of Florida right now (24-3, 4:45 left in the 2Q)

robert paulson said...

What you fail to remember is the surest rule of football betting. Always bet on the underdog in the Michigan game. When we are favorites, we tend to play poorly. When we are underdogs (rarely happens), we usually play very well.


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