Thursday, September 29, 2005

Coin Flip Challenge Week 3 picks

If I'm going to stop the bleeding, this needs to be the week to do it. I can't afford to fall any worse than nine games below .500. Amazingly, every game but one has the home team favored this week. The Coin Flip only has seven picks (out of 14) that I have which means there are seven games up for grabs. This is a big week, indeed.


NE -5.5 sd

I think New England will win this game since they seem to have gotten back on track after last week's impressive win in Pittsburgh. However, San Diego can score with anyone so giving 5.5 points to San Diego is a lot. I think the Chargers will keep it close enough to cover the spread.

JAX -4 den

I'm surprised by this line. Denver looked horrendous against Miami in week one but two impressive wins over San Diego and Kansas City have put the Broncos in line for a good season. The imported Cleveland Browns defensive line has been better than anyone expected. Jacksonville is inept on offense at best. This should be a defensive battle. I would be surprised if Denver lost by more than four. I'm going with the Broncos. Although, Jake Plummer can do mean things to you if you bet on him on the road.

Cincy -10 hou

This is a difficult game to predict (as are all games judging from my abysmal season record). On one hand, you have the Bengals who have become an offensive machine under the rapid maturation of Carson Palmer. On the other hand, you have a Texan team that can't do anything right. Normally, I'd think Cincy would cover here but I'm starting to think that the "any given Sunday" rule might apply for this game. Remember, I went with SF as a 14 point underdog at Philly and lost. Then I went with Indy as a 15 point favorite at home against Cleveland and lost that one too! Which way do I go? I have to pick someone so I'm reluctantly picking Cincinnati to cover.

indy -7 TENN

Tennessee proved something last week in their loss at St. Louis. That could've been a blow out but the Titans fought back every time St. Louis extended the lead. I think Tennessee might be a gambler's nightmare because they won't win many games but they'll stay close with Norm Chow and Steve McNair in charge of the offense. Manning has been marginal at best this season but this game reminds me a little of the Indianapolis/Green Bay game last season. It is not wise to get in a score-fest with the Colts when you don't have a defense. I'm taking Indy.

KC -2.5 philly

I think KC clearly has the edge in this game in terms of motivation. They were humiliated at Denver on Monday night and now have a chance to make amends in front of their home crowd. Philly might be in trouble if they can't meet KC's intensity. I think this game is about 50/50 so I'll take Philly with 2.5 points.

TB -6.5 det

Joey Harrington on the road against the league's top defense. Tampa Bay covers.

NYG -3.0 stl

In all honesty, I think the Rams would be better off if Marc Bulger was their head coach. The Giants got blown out against the Chargers last week. It seems like the odds makers are still holding St. Louis' opening day loss to SF against them. I think that the Rams are better than the Giants so I'm taking St. Louis on the road. I will regret making this pick.

NO PK buff

J.P. Losman stinks and so do the Saints. Minnesota broke out in a big way last week against the Saints. One of these weeks the Saints will break out too. I think this could be the week. I'm going with the Saints.

WASH -2 sea

Washington has a very good defense. Shaun Alexander could have a tough time finding running room on Sunday. However, the Redskins are terrible on offense. This will be excruciating to watch. I would think that the Seahawks will pull this one out since they are the better team. I'll take Seattle.

BALT -7 nyj

Brooks Bollinger on the road against a humiliated Ravens defense? I have to take Baltimore.

ATL -6 minn

Apparently the odds makers think that Minnesota's offensive outburst against the Saints last week was a fluke. I think they might be right. However, Vick was noticeably hobbled last week which should stifle Atlanta's already average offense. I expect Atlanta to win but Minnesota should keep it close. I'll take the Vikings to cover.

OAK -3 dallas

Oakland was impressive in their loss at Philly last week. In fact, they've been impressive in pretty much every game they've played (all losses by the way
). Dallas struggled against San Francisco and lost to Washington. Those are two below average teams. I'll take Oakland at home.

ARI -2.5 sf

Anquan Boldin said that, sometime soon, the Cardinals would break out in a big way on offense. The good news for the Cardinals is that they still have 13 games left. I fear going with the Cardinals over anyone but they have more talent than San Francisco so they should win. I'm taking the Cardinals. (Did I just say that?)

CAR -7.5 gb

Green Bay stinks right now but are they really going to get blown out on Monday Night Football to the Panthers? Favre and co. hung tough with a very good Tampa Bay team last week. I would be shocked if Green Bay got blown out. I think Carolina will take the game but only by a touchdown or less.

As a result of the first two weeks, I am convinced that every game I pick will be wrong. I have Chad Henne confidence right now. I feel like the Michigan defense against Michigan St. in the first half last year. Every play call they made was the wrong one. They were so mixed up that they had no idea what to do. I feel the same way. I don't know left from right anymore. Just like any self respecting athlete who's in a major slump, my only recourse is to keep picking games and hope better days are ahead. So, I will. I can only hope I fare better than Chuck Knoblauch did.

My picks:

St. Louis
New Orleans

Coin Flip picks:

St. Louis

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