Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The San Francisco 49er's aka Jim Powers

The most vivid memory I have of Jim Powers is when he got annihilated by The Big Boss Man on Saturday Night’s Main Event. Jim Powers was the jobber of jobbers. Even when he teamed with Paul Roma to form The Young Stallions, he was on a jobber tag team. Even Duane Gill got more limelight than Jim Powers which says a lot.

The 49ers are in dire straights. They won’t be winning anytime soon. I thought Alex Smith was amazing in college. He was unstoppable running and passing. He’s a smart quarterback with a bright future. However, with Brandon Lloyd, Rashaun Woods, and Johnnie Morton as his wide receivers, Smith is in for a rude awakening. Two years ago, Kevin Barlow seemed like one of the top young running backs in the league. I’ve read on multiple occasions that rookie Frank Gore will be splitting time with Barlow. The offensive line should be better this year with Dave Baas playing center and Kwame Harris moving to right tackle. So to summarize, the 49er’s have a rookie quarterback, a below average group of wide receivers and a starting running back who might not be good enough to fend off a rookie running back. That’s not good.

The defense might be worse off than the offense. Julian Peterson is sweet. I remember when Andre Carter was drafted and he was supposed to be a serious pass rushing threat. He did have 12.5 sacks in 2002 but that’s about all he’s done. Mike "I like big" Rumph and Ahmed Plummer are decent cornerbacks. I really don’t have much else to say about the 49er’s defense. They’re going to give up a lot of points.

If it weren’t for the Arizona Cardinals, the 49er’s would’ve gone 0-16 last season. The 49er’s twice beat the Cardinals 31-28. Since San Francisco will be worse than every team on the schedule regardless of who’s on it, the schedule is inherently difficult. It’s awfully difficult to go 1-15 in the NFL so I’m going to stay away from that prediction. The Niners and Browns might combine for three wins. These two teams are very bad.

Predicted record: 2-14

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