Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Detroit Ligers

In case anyone hadn’t noticed, I’ve been ignoring the Tigers for about a month now. I’ll go back to ignoring them after this post but I just thought that I should mention that they were swept in a doubleheader against the Royals. Don’t get me wrong, I know how tough the Royals can be. Bo Jackson used to play for KC and believe me, that means a lot in this day and age. Remember when Magglio Ordonez and Chris Shelton were good? Remember when Jeremy Bonderman was clearly the team’s ace? Remember when the bullpen was tops in MLB? I remember it. It happened, right? Bonderman’s ERA is rapidly approaching my monthly rent payment. Mags is barely hitting .300. The best former or current Tiger in MLB right now is Tony Clark. Seriously. But, never fear, according to Pudge’s agent, he doesn’t hate Detroit. Well, I feel much better now. That makes it all worthwhile. Thanks Pudge!

Would it be possible to just combine the Tigers and Lions? Is it really necessary to have both of these teams? I feel it’s redundant for Detroit fans to have to sit through two separate seasons of the same thing. I feel that it makes sense to consolidate these two underachieving, irrelevant franchises into one underachieving, irrelevant franchise. We could call them the Detroit Ligers. It could be a roster made up of a few Lions and a few Tigers and they would be the baseball/football team. This team would play baseball every other season and football every other season. That way, we only have to put up with this garbage once per year. As an added bonus, if any team finishes above .500, they get to play that sport the next season. If they don’t, they have to wait two seasons. I honestly think this would make a lot of people in Detroit happy.

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Anonymous said...

Dan Dickerson summed it up best when the Royals plated the winning run last night in the bottom of the ninth with simply, "You've got to be kidding." No they aren't.

I also thought about this. Is Trammell so bad that he can't summon an effort to win at least one game in KC; or was he an evil genius for even getting this group near .500? Outside of Granderson and Polanco the team has been a train wreck and I am just disgusted as a fan. It would be easier to swallow if they played with just a little heart something not done this year and exemplified by both late inning collapses and just a couple of late inning heroics.

I say bring on Sweet Lou and unleash that man in the clubhouse while at the same time opening up the wallet and bringing in guys who can play the field, hit and pitch. Novel idea I think.


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