Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Arizona Cardinals aka Duane Gill

Duane Gil is notorious for being a "jobber". He was a terrible wrestler. He got a semi-break when the WWF started using him as "Gill-berg" to make fun of Goldberg. Even when he got some press, he was viewed as a mockery.

I present to you the Arizona Cardinals. I've got a lot of respect for Dennis Green. He seems like a good guy who coaches hard. However, we're talking about the Arizona Cardinals. I don't care who signs up for this team. They have a bunch of young, talented players that won't ever accomplish anything until they get out of Arizona. The blueprint to turn your team from perennial doormat to playoff contender does not include having Kurt Warner and Josh McNown as your quarterbacks. I could really stop with this preview right now and you wouldn't miss out on anything. However, the Cardinals have a bunch of young players that deserve a few sentences. Larry Fitzgerald was a pretty good player last year in his rookie season. He has the size and talent to be a top five receiver at some point in his career. Anquan Boldin is a very fine possession receiver in the mold of Chris Carter. He's not fast but he runs good routes and will catch a ton of passes. The Cardinals drafted J.J. Arrington from Cal who should be a good running back someday. Dennis Green had to be happy with that pick but he needs to be reminded that he's the coach of the Arizona Cardinals.

The defense is atrocious. They drafted Antrell Rolle but does it really matter? I have never heard of 80% of their defense. That is NOT a good sign. In fact, that means I'm done talking about the defense.

The schedule isn't the most difficult so I think it's conceivable for Arizona to muster up five wins.

Predicted record: 5-11

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Anonymous said...

I hope this is right.

this team seems to be getting a whole lot of hype and I still think they are at least a year away. Well I hope so anyway.


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