Thursday, September 07, 2006

Top 25 (chances of going undefeated) Week Two

Before the season started, I calculated and posted the odds of going undefeated for each college football team. Each week, I’ll update the list to keep a running count. Very soon this list will be less than 25 teams long and it’s entirely possible that it will disappear all together before the end of the season. However, midway through the season, I’ll start another list that calculates the odds that each one loss team will finish with one loss. Here is how things stand after one week of the 2006 college football season:

Top 25 Chances of going Undefeated

1) W. Virginia------------10.18%
2) USC----------------------8.14%
3) Ohio St.-----------------6.40%
4) Notre Dame------------6.25%
5) Florida St.--------------5.74%
6) Texas--------------------4.62%
7) Oklahoma--------------4.06%
8) Louisville---------------3.88%
9) Va. Tech----------------2.75%
10) Iowa-------------------2.56%
11) Boise St.---------------2.49%
12) TCU--------------------2.34%
13) Georgia----------------1.93%
14) LSU--------------------1.61%
15) Auburn----------------1.54%
16) Penn St.---------------1.09%
17) Michigan--------------0.86%
18) Tennessee-------------0.79%
19) Alabama--------------0.63%
20) Florida----------------0.60%
21) Fresno St.-------------0.49%
22) Arizona St.-----------0.37%
23) Purdue----------------0.35%
24) Clemson--------------0.21%
25) Nebraska-------------0.21%

Teams that dropped from last week's list (along with pre-season rank in terms of odds): #10 Miami (Fl), #19 California

Biggest jump: Tennessee +4, Florida St. +3

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