Thursday, November 02, 2006

Simulated Gambling week 10

At one point on Saturday, I was 9-4 and then everything fell apart. I finished with a semi-respectable 10-8. As always, I have an unsubstantiated feeling that this is the week that I will finally break out. Those of you that have followed along all season know otherwise. There will never be a breakout week. Too many crazy and unpredictable things happen in college football to get a read on games this late in the season. I can’t say I feel good about any pick that I make anymore.  Nonetheless, I’ve picked an MSR record 20 games this week. Maybe I’ll go 20-0 and get national recognition. Or, maybe I’ll continue to be terrible.

Season record to date: 64-54-3

(Home team in CAPS; My picks in Bold)

LOUISVILLE -2 West Virginia

I made a rule that I would never pick a Thursday night game again. Every week, I break that rule and every week I get it wrong. Why mess with a good thing? West Virginia is just playing better football right now. It has taken Louisville a while to adjust since Brian Brohm came back. I don’t think they’ll be ready to beat WVU.

Air Force -6.5 ARMY     

This is my weekly pick against Army

Boston College -3.5 WAKE FOREST     

BC is clearly the class of the ACC. They are one extremely close loss against Clemson away from being undefeated.

Navy -9 DUKE     

Navy should run all over Duke


Ohio is good. Eastern Michigan is not.

Kent -13.5 BUFFALO

Kent is good. Buffalo is not.

Oklahoma -2 TEXAS A&M     

I’m surprised that Oklahoma’s drubbing of Missouri didn’t make this spread a little higher. The Sooners should have too much talent for the Aggies.

Hawaii -26 UTAH STATE     

Hawaii has been killing teams. They have to lead the country in most offensive categories. Utah State is in for a bad weekend.

TEXAS TECH -17.5 Baylor     

I was slightly impressed with how Baylor played Texas for a half. We’ll see how this turns out but I just expect some fight out of the Bears.

Louisiana State -3.5 TENNESSEE     

LSU is a good football team. I don’t think there’s a team in the country that outclasses them. But, Tennessee should win this game at home.

Arkansas -2 SOUTH CAROLINA     

Arkansas has been masquerading as an SEC elite. We’ll find out a little more about them this weekend in Columbia, SC.

Nevada -10 IDAHO

Idaho is susceptible to being blown out. Ten points isn’t a lot to ask for. Come on, Nevada!

I’m not sure that Wazzou is a team that blows people out. I guess I’ll know after Saturday. I do know that Wazzou is the third best team in the Pac-10.

Nebraska -7 MISSOURI     

Nebraska hasn’t earned a line this generous. This game is a toss-up straight-up.

TEXAS -20 Oklahoma State

OSU has been putting up big-time points. I just have a feeling they can stick around for a bit.

WISCONSIN -7.5 Penn State

I don’t even know if Wiscy is going to win this game. The Badgers haven’t beaten anyone. Penn State has played Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Michigan. Penn State won’t roll over.

MARSHALL -9 Tulane

Marshall shouldn’t be a nine-point favorite over anyone.


I feel like a fool for taking UCLA over WSU last week. Hopefully I can make amends this week.

AUBURN -29.5 Arkansas State

If Auburn can’t beat Arkansas State at home by more than 30, then Auburn really isn’t as good as I thought coming into the year. I’ve started to have my doubts about Auburn with all of their close wins over weak SEC competition.

Virginia Tech -3 MIAMI

I’m bound to get a Miami pick right sooner or later.

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