Thursday, September 28, 2006

Simulated Gambling Week Five

At this point, if you‘re still betting on my picks you’re either a) related to me, b) insane, or c) not fond of money. I’m sure there are a few people out there in each category but the vast majority of you don’t fall into any of the three categories and thus should not bet on my picks. That said; I’m making a vow to my readers that I will finish above .500 on the season. Stick with me if not with your money, at least with your hearts and souls. While I’ve wound up on the bad side of .500 the last two weeks with my picks, the games I picked were picks I would make every time. Things haven’t worked out but I have a feeling they will this week and beyond.  So, here’s another chance for my relatives, my insane friends, and my ludicrously rich readers to make some money.

Season record to date: 25-23

(Home team in CAPS; My pick in Bold)


With Kenny Irons returning to the backfield, Auburn should regain its dominating form. South Carolina will have a difficult time putting up points against Auburn’s “D” while Auburn will probably not have a hard time putting up points against SC.

MICHIGAN STATE -26.5 Illinois     

After gift-wrapping a victory for Notre Dame and destroying any chance of a UM/MSU Battle of the Unbeaten Showdown, MSU can go one of two directions. 1) MSU can take out its frustrations against an awful Illinois team or 2) implode as they always do. Going with option one might be a bit risky but Illinois is just too bad to not pick this game.

SYRACUSE -6 Wyoming     

I don’t know where the sudden respect for Syracuse came from but this line shocked me. Wyoming is not Boise State but Syracuse is no Cincinnati. I’ll take Wyoming to keep this close. In fact, I’d be surprised if it lost this game.

ARMY -11 Rice     

Why is Army ever favored by 11 points? Army is one of the worst five teams in D-1. Rice is just as bad but how does that merit +11?

Idaho -2.0 UTAH STATE

Idaho is a bad team. But, I’m confident that Utah State is even worse. Utah State has scored seven points in four games. I mean, that has to be at typo, right? Utah State hasn’t scored a single point in three games. They’ll have to double their season point total just to have a shot at winning this game. Stranger things have happened but I have to go Idaho on this one.

California -8.5 OREGON STATE

Any time California is involved in a Pac-10 shootout with a team not named USC or Oregon, it should be a shoe-in to win by at least ten. Arizona State is a much better team that Oregon State and Cal blew out ASU last week.

LOUISIANA STATE -31.5 Mississippi State     

This game makes me a little nervous but Mississippi State is really bad. It will have to play much better than it has all season to cover the spread. LSU could play an average game and cover. So, I guess I’m hoping MSU doesn’t find itself this week.

VIRGINIA TECH -9.5 Georgia Tech     

I was surprised to see Virginia Tech favored by this much over a good Georgia Tech team considering Virginia Tech’s average offense and last week’s struggle against a weak Cincinnati team.

Michigan -9 MINNESOTA

If Michigan keeps running Mike Hart into stacked lines, then we’ll likely see more close battles like last week’s game against Wisconsin. If, however, Michigan makes defenses pay through the passing game, Michigan should easily beat Minnesota by nine points. I hope the U of M coaching staff learned a lesson last week.

Tennessee -12.5 MEMPHIS

No matter the opponent, Tennessee is never a sure bet to blow out the opposition. Memphis is about as bad as Tennessee’s opponents get. This game makes me a little nervous. Remember, the Vols barely beat Air Force at home 31-30. I’m picking Tennessee’s “D” to dominate Memphis.


This is another Army/Rice spread. What has Lafayette done to deserve a touchdown spread against EMU? Both of these teams are bad. This should be a close one.


Arizona State embarked on its annual meltdown last week against California. Arizona State loves to pound bad teams early in the year before getting beat down by the Pac-10 elite. Oregon is just as good as California which does not bode well for ASU.

UTAH -4 Boise State     

Since when was it common knowledge that Utah is better than Boise State? I mean, if two teams are equal, the spread usually goes -3 to the home team. A -4 spread makes me think that Vegas thinks Utah is a better team. I disagree.

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