Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Question of the Week Answers

Question of the Week:

"Should there even be a question of the week?”

Tom from Livonia, MI:
damn right there should be!

Matt from somewhere in Europe via MI:

Hell yes.  I live for the question of the week like I live for bacon.  I was away on business and couldn't answer the last question of the week and I felt some sort of emptiness like being alone in an elevator.  I'd say question of the week is the sole reason I keep this train heading in the right direction.  Without it?  Who knows where I'd be?  I don't even want to think about it.   

Amanda from Germany via MI:

Good morning,
I whole-heartedly believe that there should be a question of the week.  The next question should be "If you were an animal, what animal would you be?"
I would be a shark.

If it were possible to keep the Question of the Week (insiders call this the QOTW) alive with just three responses, these are the three responses that would get it done. Tom’s enthusiasm for the QOTW is unrivaled. I wish I could reward Tom for his unfettered support. Tom deserved better than this. Matt is even comparing his love for the QOTW to his love for bacon. And we all know how much Matt loves bacon. Amanda is so malnourished from not having a real question of the week that she jumped the gun and put out here own Question of the Week. So now I face a dilemma that nobody should ever have to face. Do I continue the QOTW with an audience only big enough to take up 60% of the fingers on one of my hands? Or, do I cancel the QOTW and let Matt’s life take the form of a train wreck and spit in the faces of Tom and Amanda? I never thought that I would hold the fate of so many lives in my hands. It makes me uncomfortable, really. Now I know the incredible pressure that the President faces everyday.

I find it difficult to rationalize keeping the QOTW with the overall lack of support. Society has scorned my attempts to create reader-interaction on my site and I take it personally. I opened my door to millions of blog-readers across the land and I was greeted with burning dog poo in a bag. My feelings are hurt, and even more so, my heart has turned into a cold, dark place. As a result, the QOTW has suffered the same fate as My So Called Life. Both were revolutionary concepts that never got off the ground because the world didn’t know what they had. Both were phenomenons that ended well before their time. Not even a swelling of public support could save Jordan Catalano from the garbage bin. I admit that a similar swelling of public support could save the Question of the Week but that’s like Jennifer Lopez holding out hope for an Oscar nomination for Monster-In-Law.

As a tribute to Tom, Matt, and Amanda, I may just keep the QOTW alive in an alternate form. From time to time, I’ll post a question looking for feedback. I won’t pull all out the stops with the graphics and emailing and whatnot. It’ll be a straight-forward post with a question where interested parties can answer in the comment section.  I don’t anticipate doing this often. In fact, I’ll probably save it for special occasions like leap day or Halloween.  

I apologize for what has happened. I never thought that the QOTW would crash and burn so quickly. I never expected the QOTW to end before Larry Brown and Stephon Marbury’s relationship. Sadly and remarkably, it has.

By the way, I think it’s fitting that Amanda’s question be the last Question of the Week. We might be going out, but we’re going out on top. I would be a Bald Eagle and soar to the highest heights of the land and eat the thickest and tastiest rodents the world has to offer. Then I would regurgitate my rodent meal into the mouths of my baby Bald Eagles to keep the Circle of Life going.


frangelita said...

So there are others out there who mourn the passing of Angela Chase, Jordan Catalano, Rayanne Graf and Ricki Vasquez! (questionable spelling I know) It has never been matched.

If I were an animal, I would be a Scottish Wildcat.

Anonymous said...

Soar on, brother Jake, soar on.

Anonymous said...

I'd be a Snow Pig. Cleaning out refrigerators, buffet plates, keeping hunters warm, and always available at 1:59 a.m. Although I've ran into many in the woods over the years, I find them friendly until you don't feed them.

Anonymous said...

Does Amanda know most shark breeds never sleep? What the hell are you gonna do for 24 hours? There are only so many QOWs you can answer. Maybe the next, next QOW should be if I were a shark I'd keep busy while awake by....

...watching Michigan football reruns of games they lost by seven points or less over the past forty years. That'd keep me busy!

Anonymous said...

Well, you're in luck Jake. There's a leap second coming up at the end of this year. Better get a question ready!!!

Oh, and if I were an animal, I'd probably be a lemming.

Jake said...

So we've got a Bald Eagle, Shark, Scottish Wildcat, Show Pig and a Lemming. That's certainly an eclectic group. This has been the most successful QOTW ironically in the same week that it was shown the door. Maybe I should just keep the QOTW and just say, "this is the last QOTW" before every question.

All is not lost though. I'm thinking about putting up a question with a poll so it's easy to click on an answer. That would be cool. I have to find someone who knows how to do it easily. If indeed there is a leap second coming up this year, I can't think of a better time to launch QOTW version 2.0.


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