Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Question of the Week Answers

Question of the Week: "If you were a top 100 high school football recruit (from wherever your hometown is), which five college schools would you narrow your list down to, and, which school would you inevitably choose, and why?”

Thanks to all who sent in a response to the Question of the Week. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts in the future. As for anyone who sat out this question, if you have a thought or a point of view on a topic in the future, feel free to fire off an email with your thoughts. I’m always interested in different perspectives. My plan is to simply post the answers that I receive and then any comments I have I’ll post in the comment section. Enjoy.

Matt from Germany:

Michigan, USC, Oklahoma, and Alabama because I’m a traditionalist and Miami U because I like the weather.

I think all five programs are top five programs in any given year so I’d narrow it down to academics. Thus Michigan, USC, and Miami would be my final three.

Of those I would consider chances of making the NFL from these programs. Since I’m a WR I like my chances at any of the three aforementioned.

Then I think women. Michigan is eliminated and if you’ve ever been on that campus you’ll know why.

So we are down to USC and Miami. Since the weather is good in both places, they are both private schools, they both have top notch programs, and they advanced after meeting my other criteria it would come down to specific location.

USC is on or just off Crenshaw Boulevard in South Central LA and Snoop Dog attends practices. I’m going to Miami in Coral Gables where I don’t have to worry about the new Porsche 911 the school just bought me getting “borrowed.” Miami here I come!

Hollywood from Pittsfield Twp, MI:

Obviously, the position you play has much to do with where you might go, but with that being said:
No particular order

Iowa - good coaching
USC - coaching, tradition
LSU - Death Valley
Va Tech - coaching, Lane Stadium
Miami - tradition, TheU, SouthBeach

I'd go to USC, if given the choice. Carroll looks like a good coach to play under, there is a ton of tradition and the team is set up for success for years to come. Plus, there are some hot rich girls that go to that school.

Matt S. from Columbus, OH:

Good question, because I've always thought about it. As you know, recruits ebb and flow where the want to go for the most part. For example, 5-10 years ago, not many kids had USC or Oklahoma on their list. But, there are the mainstays. The question is, does academics matter? If the answer is yes, my top five choices would be:

1. Michigan
2. California
3. Texas
4. Florida
5. Northwestern

Northwestern is no laughing matter. They've made huge steps in football, are nearlly unsurpassed academically, and Chicago is a great city close to home. They are at the bottom of the list though just because they're isn't a great groundswell of support there. They struggle to sell out just about any game that isn't OSU or UM with a lot of visitors.

I couldn't go wrong with either of the top four. Great conferences, tradition (OK-maybe not so much with Cal), and good academics. It would probably come down to where I had the opportunity to play quickest. Of course I am biased, so I would pick Michigan.

Anonymous from Michigan:

5 schools in no particular order

usc, notre dame, michigan, ohio state, penn state

I'd end up choosing Michigan as my school if they would hire a competent coach,but until that happens I would probably choose Penn State for the chance toplay under joe pa or USC for the weather and tradition

Tom from Livonia, MI:

Schools I would narrow choice down to:

1) Michigan
2) Miami
3) Ohio State (even though i hate to admit it)
4) USC
5) LSU

i would inevitably choose Michigan because i bleed maize and blue and there is nothing else to it, running onto the field at the Big House is a feeling i believe could probably not be duplicated. i would want a school with tradition, good track record of NFL placement, as well as fans who love their school and their team and michigan has all of those to the extreme.


Nick from Scotts Valley, CA:

i would select from:


all those schools are very good academically and all, other than michigan, have nice weather. LA would be a fun place to live, austin and ann arbor are great college towns. all those schools are strong in football as well.

Jake, Germany:

I’ve long thought that I would put an emphasis on schools that excel both academically and athletically but I think I would probably emphasize the football program. If I were just a very good high school football player, I’d probably focus more on academics. But, being a top 100 player I’d have to “go for broke” and pick the best football school possible. I’d choose my five based on football, and then consider the other elements (academics, location etc.) to rank those five.

My five in no particular order:

USC—Top program in college football in terms of coaching and player utilization
Michigan­—Personal favorite as a fan
Miami—Miami is USC East, or I should say USC is Miami West
Notre Dame—This will be THE program in college football very soon (keep in mind I’ve hated Notre Dame my whole life)

My last spot is between Va. Tech, Georgia, Ohio St. and Oklahoma. I’m having a hard time deciding between these schools but I’d probably have to go with Va. Tech. They have excellent coaching, an awesome home-field advantage, and play in a big time conference.

My ultimate choice would be USC (over Michigan and Notre Dame) because USC offers the greatest package. They have the best football program, very good academics, great coaching, and a top-notch location.


Jake said...

USC got the most picks with 3 while Michigan got 2.5. Miami got a vote and Penn St. got .5 votes.

USC and Michigan were included in 6 of the 7 top 5's and Miami was included in 4.

If I were to answer this question when I was 18, there is no doubt that I would've chosen Michigan. I don't think there's anything that anyone could've said to change my mind. I suppose with age comes perspective which might be why my answer would differ today.

Out of the top 15 schools in terms of recruiting (over the last four years), only Florida St. and Tennessee were not mentioned. I don't blame anyone for not mentioning Tennessee. You couldn't pay me to pick them. I really wasn't surpised that Florida St. wasn't mentioned simply because Miami would probably be the choice if someone was considering playing in Florida.

It was nice to see that the quality of "girls" factored so highly in some of the lists. Also, I heard Northwestern and Stanford are looking for recruiting coordinators so Matt S. and Nick might want to give those perspective schools a call. In all honesty, those schools put together a pretty good product on the field.

Anonymous said...

I probably would have picked Michigan at 18 because I wouldn't have known any better. But I'm a explorer at heart and South Beach's proximity would have taken my heart in the end. It's much better to have the world by the balls in Miami than in the Detroit Metropolitan Area for sure.


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