Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Question of the Week Answers

Question of the Week: "If you were in charge of the Eagles, would you have sent T.O. home for the season?”

Riaz from Orlando, FL

I would send him home, football is a team game and TO does not understand that concept. Of course people don't realize he is doing this on purpose to get out of his contract without him breaking it but the team having to do it so he can go to Atlanta. I believe the offense coach there (qb coach maybe?) is good friends with TO and he has mentioned before he wants to play for Atlanta and even in preseason when he got suspended for a week he went to an Atlanta game. He is doing this on purpose to get kicked off the team to go to another team.

Hollywood, Pittsfield Twp., Michigan

I would keep T.O. on my team, if only because Tony has him in our fantasy league together and I'd hate to incur his wrath.

Jake from Germany via Michigan

It really depends on what the goal is. If the goal is to stay sane and be happy, then you have to get rid of T.O. If the goal is to win the Super Bowl, then you have to keep him. As far as I know, the primary goal of every team in the NFL is to win the Super Bowl. There is no question that Philly is better with T.O. in the lineup despite what some people are yapping on TV. Philly would’ve beaten Washington and Dallas these past two weeks and they’d be in first place. I understand the distraction aspect but you can either win or not win. I would choose “win”. Once Philly made the decision to put their future in T.O.’s hands, they had to be willing to accept everything he brought to the team. Otherwise, they run the risk of bailing out and leaving the team in a terrible situation which is what inevitably happened. Philly blew it. They ruined a whole season and they certainly won’t be better without T.O. this year, next year or any year.

New Question of the Week: Should there even be a question of the week?

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