Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Four shots at ruining the BCS

Our hopes of a BCS-disaster are on life-support at best. As I predicted and feared, USC and Texas are the only two undefeated teams left in D-1 college football. The college Presidents and BCS officials are planning their victory parade as we speak. I can just picture them chanting “Long live the BCS” over and over again as they vigorously compete in the “patting on the back” competition. Alabama’s offense finally failed them as they lost a heartbreaker to LSU. Alabama never really had a shot at saving college football from the BCS with a defense and defense only football team. Their remaining schedule was just too tough. There is only one scenario left that could thwart the BCS party. This is the least likely scenario and always has been. After USC and Texas beat Notre Dame and Ohio St. respectively, it was obvious that neither was going to lose. Consequently, there needed to be a third unbeaten. Now that there are no other unbeatens, our only hope falls on the shoulders of four Universities to pull off a monumental creating havoc with an abundance of one-loss teams staking claim to the BCS Championship game. These four schools are Fresno St., UCLA, Texas A & M, and most likely Colorado. Every one of these schools will be at least 15 point underdogs and have virtually no chance of winning. However, we get four more shots and ruining the BCS. Hope may be dwindling but its hope nonetheless. Send good vibes to Paul Pinegar, Drew Olson, Reggie McNeal, and Joel Klatt. The future viability of the BCS is on their shoulders.

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