Friday, June 09, 2006

The Two Stooges

Let me first start off by saying that I am a Tigers fan. Let me then say that I will never watch Todd Jones or Fernando Rodney pitch again in my life. I am predisposed to cardiovascular disease already so I don’t need the soul-crushing devastation that comes from watching those two hacks pitch. That’s all for now.


Nick said...


Anonymous said...

They pitched better last night against TB. Rodney I'm willing to ride out. His is a problem of the head. Jones on the other hand, is a problem of the arm.

Anonymous said...

Problem of the head as a closer is worse than any arm problem. I'm surprised we aren't hearing for calls to re-acquire the mighty Kyle Farnsworth to close games.

Todd Jones' OAV and WHIP are terrible for a closer and he has looked shaky. ERA for a closer is much less important than WHIP but anything over a 1.1 is questionable as a long-term solution. He has however converted 19 of 22 in Save opportunities which isn't bad at all. That is really the bottom line and I hate to say it but, I agree with whatever decision Jim Leyland makes.

This team would be 34-37 with Alan Trammell and maybe worse if they would have come out of that White Sox sweep like all the other Trammell teams did.

If you really want to complain about Todd Jones go to They have a great bunch of pessimistic asstards over there with heavy black clouds always within sight.

I've just had enough of it. If it's not the Pistons it's the Red Wings. If it's not the Red Wings we have to knock down the Tigers who are having a great season. I won't mention the Lions except that Detroit fans should begin taking all that negative energy and just put it squarely on the Lions.

I've had enough of it. I will never go back to motown sports after the Pistons/Cavs series in which 90 percent of the board were sure the Pistons would lose.


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