Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My "Todd Jones Policy" Paid Off Big-Time Tonight

Last week, I declared a new policy towards televised (or games that I attend) Tigers baseball games that include an appearance by Todd Jones. The policy was simply that, "I will never watch Todd Jones pitch again." The Tigers scored a run in the ninth inning Wednesday night to send the game into extra innings. Joel Zumaya came on to pitch effectively for two innings. Then, it happened. Jim Leyland brought in his favorite 6.00+ ERA-closer. Then I simply turned the game off. The result? I was spared having to watch another Todd Jones game-losing performance. Had I watched the game, I would still be screaming Jones' name in vain. However, since I didn't actually watch the debacle, it's no different than any other Tigers' loss. I invite all of you to adopt my Todd Jones policy as your own. It will save years off of your life.


Anonymous said...

Zumaya isn't ready and Rodney may not have the head to be a closer. This is why I hate being a fan of Detroit area teams because of all the complaints even when the team is playing so well. Most of it comes from folks who know little to nothing about baseball but there certainly are exceptions and in Jones' case, a ton.

I think Jones is the closer in the Tigers last game played in 2006.

Anonymous said...

My above comment was meant for the talk radio callers in particular not to any particular comment I've seen here. It's just making me kind of mad that we have to concentrate on what is broke with the Tigers instead of just enjoying what has been an amazing season. I will remind everyone that this team hasn't had a inning record in thirteen years.

Anonymous said...

I support this policy. I employed it last season in games where Michigan is up 14 and running up the middle to allow their steller defence to win the game.


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