Monday, October 24, 2005

Rochester Adams High School football rules!

I’d like to send out a congratulations to the Rochester Adams High School football team (that’s where I went) for finishing the regular season undefeated at 9-0 and ranked 3rd in Division II. Adams is 60-8 since 2000 which includes a State Championship in 2003 and State Champion runner-up in 2004. Only the mighty Terrance Taylor (freshmen behemoth at U of M and strongest high school football player in Michigan history) stopped Adams from repeating in 2004. Here are just some of the streaks that Adams has put together over the last few years:

4-1 vs. Clarkston
4-1 vs. Lake Orion
4-1 vs. Farmington Hills Harrison (Drew Stanton’s school)
8-1 in State Playoffs
6-0 vs. Troy
9-0 vs. Rochester
21-0 vs. Oakland Activities Association

Adams hasn’t lost to Troy since 1999. Troy was the #1 ranked team in the state and perennial state power just a few years ago. They haven’t lost to cross town rival, Rochester, since I was in high school (a long time ago). They’ve lost only four conference games in the last six years. They’ve won 21 conference games in a row. Check out their path of destruction.

The architect behind the Adams football dominance has been third year coach, Tony Patritto who has gone 33-3 over the last three years with two state championship appearances and one state title. His playoff record is 8-1. He was the Detroit News coach of the year in 2004. This might not sound too impressive to graduates of private schools who have had a long history of winning state titles but before Patritto arrived, Adams’ record since 1969 is 143-172.

Adams has exactly two players that weigh more than 210 pounds. They have exactly three players taller than 6’2. They have exactly zero players that are taller than 6’2 and weigh more than 200 lbs. I have no idea how you can win state championships and dominate high school football with a roster that small. If it were Division V or something like that, I could understand. But, Adams is doing their damage against the best schools in the state. Over the last three years, Adams has taken down such state powers as Clarkston (2), Lake Orion (3), Farmington Hills Harrison (2), Davison (2), Midland, Hudsonville, Birmingham Brother Rice, Romeo, and Flushing. Clearly, Patritto knows what he’s doing.

I’ve become increasingly more interested in high school football as I’ve gotten older. I don’t know if that’s because Michigan perennially underachieves and the Lions are the Lions or if it’s because my high school has given me something to look forward to. Either way, high school football is great. I hate to say something cliché but I think the passion and effort in high school football is second to none compared to college and pro. The state playoffs start this week. Adams starts off against Royal Oak Kimball. I’d like to send my early condolences to my good friend Allen T. because Kimball is going to get smoked! Here are the pairings for the state tournament. Go check out a game if you get a chance.


Anonymous said...

Nice HS football post. My league "The Saginaw Valley Conference" use to be one of the best conferences in the state. Over the years the conference has produced greats such as Trent Tucker, Andre Rison, Glenn Rice, Lamar Woodley, Charles Rogers, Mateen Cleaves, Jim Abbott and a host of others in many sports. With the death of mid-Michigan the Flint schools all stink and once great football powers like Saginaw Arthur Hill and Flint Central are now all but gone. At least all the rich Detroit area suburban schools can still afford to cut the grass at the stadiums and but new helmets every ten years for the kids. The Saginaw Valley League is now unable to even by weedeaters for the fenceline or goalposts for the practice fields. So long old friend.

Anonymous said...

Lombaowski- don't forget Dequan Bacon, who was found dead in a car trunk. He would have been as they say, a playa.

Here are some other great SVL'ers....Morris Peterson, Charlie Bell, Eric Turner, Antonio Smith, Lou Dawkins, Sam Sword, Shonte Peoples, Brian Pruitt, Roy Manning, Jerome Jackson, Phillip Brabbs (one good kick anyway for UM), Matt Trannon, Alex Mitchell (got some PT when Heinge went out Sat). I'm sure I'm forgetting some. Of course this doesn't even include the greats from Saginaw BV (Mark Macon) and Saginaw Nouvel (Thompson brothers)

Lombaowski will know as well as I, that there was nothing like Friday night SVL hoops back in the day. We saw some great players in some great gyms. There was always a buzz in the crowd.

Good thought you had though- with the jobs goes the people, and as a result, the sports programs. Flint NW is now Class C, and SW is barely hanging on in the league. Pontiac Central dropped out long ago.


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