Tuesday, October 25, 2005

New Feature: Question of the Week

I like the freedom of choosing the topics that I write about. Generally, it means that I’m interested in, and motivated about, what I’m writing. However, I don’t have the time to explore all of the interesting topics in sports with a lengthy post. I would like to have more reader-interaction since I know that there are many things that people would like to discuss that I don’t address on this site. Since I can, and will, talk about anything in sports, I would gladly welcome a chance to peruse other topics that I haven’t addressed. I do read every comment that readers leave on my posts. I appreciate all the feedback that I receive.

This brings me to my next endeavor. I’ve been thinking about an idea that could work well with the site. I don’t necessarily like the Rush Limbaugh-type format where I talk for four hours straight and nobody else gets to say anything edgewise. I don’t know everything and my opinion isn’t the end all. I think it would be great to get a cornucopia of opinions from the various visitors that come to the site. In an attempt to bring more variance to the topics I discuss on this site, and reach my goal of having more reader-interaction, I’ll be having a “reverse” mail bag of sorts where I’ll ask a question each week and you can write in a response if you wish to opine on that particular subject. I don’t necessarily get to talk to too many people about sports so this will give me a chance to see what other people think on different subjects. The great thing about sports is that there is room for many opinions.

The questions will cover a wide range of subjects from all sports and all parts of the globe. My goal is to ask questions that people will want to respond to. I’ll ask the question on Tuesdays and then make a post with your answers on the following Tuesday. I’ll answer the question as well so you can get my take on the subject. I think it would be a good idea to keep the responses relatively short in an attempt to make the post more reader-friendly especially if there are 5-10 responses or more. I’ll put the question at the top of the site so you’ll always know what the question of the week is. I’ll post every response I get unless I start getting millions and millions of responses. If that happens, I’ll probably be on TV somewhere. If it turns out there’s a demand for this kind of format, then I’ll keep this going for as long as the site exists. If it becomes apparent that either a). I have zero readers (which would make the “reverse” mailbag really boring), or b). people are content with just reading what I have to say (which isn’t so bad), then I’ll scratch the concept.

To submit an answer for the “Question of the Week”, simply send your response to UMjake49@hotmail.com and please include your first name and where you’re from.

The first Question of the Week is: “If you were a top 100 high school football recruit (from wherever your hometown is), which five college schools would you narrow your list down to, and, which school would you inevitably choose, and why?”

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