Friday, October 07, 2005

Coin Flip Challenge Week 3 results

I predicted that week 3 of the Coin Flip Challenge would be a crucial turning point since there 50% of my picks differed from the coin flip. It was, indeed, a turning point in my favor. I came away with an impressive (and unbelievable) 9-5 week. If anything, it proved to me that it is possible to be above .500 in a week. The Coin Flip turned in his/her best performance as well by going 7-7. This brings the yearly totals to:

Coin Flip--19-24-1

After two miserable perfomances, I bounced back to force a tie. I really couldn't ask for a better result considering how bad I was in the first two weeks. I hope to build on the momentum next week but I fear a relapse. I mentioned before the challenge started that it would take me some time to get the hang of picking NFL games. There are certain trends within a season (or even across seasons) that don't become apparent for a few weeks. I think I'm better now than I was during the first week. I intend to show you all just how much I love my Jalen Rose jersey.

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Anonymous said...

I just stumbled onto this blog and it's great.

Lamenting another Michigan loss. Your anatomy posts are brilliant.


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