Friday, December 01, 2006

Simulated Gambling Final Installment

This week marks the end of a sad display of college football picking. As it stands, I’m four games above .500. Even if I get all nine of my picks this week correct, that would still put me below my expectations coming into the season. By the way, I guess Miami (FL) did have some fight left in it. Be forewarned; don’t ever bet against the Hurricanes when they have a chance to clinch a spot in the MPC Computers Bowl. I like the fact that college football has non-bowl games into December. It helps pass the time between the regular season and bowl season. It also proves that the whole argument about a playoff being too much of a time commitment to the student athlete is a bunch of hogwash. Although, it would be nice if one of these years, Army got competitive enough to make the Army/Navy game worth watching. There’s nothing worse than two mediocre teams playing a blowout.

Season record to date: 96-92-6

(Home team in CAPS; My picks in Bold)

CALIFORNIA -28.5 Stanford

Cal hasn’t been playing well having lost two in a row but Stanford is horrendous. Illinois might beat Stanford by 28.5.

Southern California -13 UCLA

Let’s just call this a reverse psychology pick. If USC wins in a blowout, then I get this pick right. If UCLA keeps it close, then I at least get to hold on to a Michigan National Championship for a few minutes longer.

TCU -18 Air Force

I don’t see anything on either team’s schedule that indicates this game should be an 18-point spread.

SAN JOSE STATE -5 Fresno State

Fresno State has had a lousy season but it has come on as of late. This should be a close game.


Florida International is terrible. It has lost most of its games this season by at least twenty points.

Georgia Tech -3 Wake Forest

Georgia Tech’s anemic offense should keep Wake in the game.

Florida -3 Arkansas

I think Arkansas matches up pretty well with Florida. The Gators have a hard time putting points on the board which means Arkansas doesn’t need to throw to win.

Oklahoma -3 Nebraska

If it weren’t for the “screw job” at Oregon, Oklahoma would be right up there in the BCS Championship talk. After last season’s debacle, I certainly didn’t expect the Sooners to be this good.

HAWAII -7.5 Oregon State

I’d like to see Hawaii play Alabama again. I know a team can look mighty impressive playing against “cupcakes” but Hawaii has been dropping 60 points every week.

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