Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Scott Boras thinks U R are stupid

Scott Boras is giving Billy Mays a run for his money. Perhaps no human being on the planet aside from Mays can pitch a terrible offer better than Boras. His attempts to sell Magglio Ordonez as an $18 million dollar player for 2010 rival anything Mays did with the Awesome Auger or the Samurai Shark. Boras graced our lovely planet with the following beauty of a statement

"I admit to you that Magglio had a rough April (.240) batting average," Boras said. "But if you want to talk about why his production is down in 2009, it's about one thing and one thing only: His home runs are down by seven. I submit to you that's not compelling information for declaring failure."

That’s it? This is all about seven home runs? Let’s go to the chart:

Good Mags vs. Awful Mags


*2009 numbers based on 146 game pace

Clearly, Boras has issues comprehending multiple variables because there’s a lot more going on here than a reduction in home runs. How about the fact that Mags is on pace to drive in 47 fewer runs? What about the fact that he went from an OPS 27% above the league average to 18% below? Better yet, what about everything? Mags has clearly significantly regressed in virtually every measurable way. I would love to watch Boras try to sell Charles Barkley to an NBA team right now. I think it might go something like this, “the only difference between Charles Barkley now and Charles Barkley 15 years ago is that he’s pushing 350 pounds and can’t post-up--or defend--a flag pole. That’s it! Everything else is still in perfect condition. His elbows still bend. He can still put on his own uniform. Plus, he can say "Anything less would be uncivilized" with a British accent while riding a horse. How does $20 million per game sound?” Don’t get Boras started on "The Splendid Splinter." According to Scotty Baseball, the only thing keeping Ted Williams from starting in left field for the Red Sox is the fact that his head is frozen in a cryogenics lab in Arizona.

Lame jokes aside, Mags has been terrible this year. The Tigers were very, very smart four years ago to put a clause in his contract that would prevent them from having to pay an obviously diminished player $18 million in 2010 and $15 million in 2011. Those salaries would be guaranteed if Mags reaches 270 combined games between this year and last. There isn’t a math wizard on the planet who could successfully argue that Mags is worth that sort of money over the next two season. Boras, of course, is looking out for his own butt. He gets paid commission based on his clientele’s earnings. A five percent-cut (or whatever his rate is) of $33 million is a lot more money than a five percent-cut of $10 million (or however much Mags could sign for on the free agent market). That's a $1.15 million loss for Boras. So remember, the next time Boras impersonates a failing "Logic 101" student, it’s because he stands to lose money.

The only legitimate question here is whether the Tigers should release Mags or keep him benched until he can’t reach his contract kicker. The latter would allow the possibility of a return for the playoffs assuming a). the Tigers reach the playoffs and b). he has his act together by then. However, that could also be a public relations nightmare. As moronic as Boras sounded in the above article, he represents a lot of pretty important people in baseball. The Tigers don’t need him as an enemy. That’s why I think the Tigers should just release Mags. He could sign with a contender, he would still get paid—and paid well—by the Tigers for the remainder of this season. The daily bad mouthing that would surely last as long as Mags remains benched would go away. Oh, and if you’re wondering what $18 million could buy the Tigers next season, the best answer I can come up with is, “all but nine players in MLB.”


Kyle said...

Don't worry about any PR nightmare or the Boras back lash. He of all people pushes his people to the most profitable location for both him and the player. It does not matter if he like Detroit or not because we would never get a discount from him. Mags did not sign here because he liked Detroit, he signed for the cash and that will be the same story for any non homegrown FA. That means since you have to play him then you have to hold down his AB's until late in the season in case he becomes useful.

Mags needs the Tigers as much as they need Mags. He needs to prove he hasn't completely lost it and without some AB's he won't have a chance to do that. If Boras causes too much ruckus the Tigers could just sit Mags and not release him because it costs them the exact same amount.

Bill Morran said...

The Yankees literally made Alex Rodriguez fire Scott Boras, and they still managed to get Mark Teixeira. Don't worry too much about the Boras backlash.

Jake said...

I hope you guys are right. If the Tigers keep Mags in the lineup until he's one game short of his kicker, and then bench him for the rest of the season, it will get ugly and ugly is never good. It would become a story and the Tigers would look like the bad guys. Right or wrong, that is not good for business.

Ken Schonmeier said...

I have heard that Magglio Ordonez's wife is going through cancer problems. If that is true, then I for one can understand his numbers being down so much this year. With that in mind, I would not be against the Tigers keeping him around another year.

However.... It does not mean that he should still get paid the extra millions anyway. He should understand the Tigers need to sit him to save that money when he has not been producing. If he was producing, I am sure the Tigers would be playing him. Bench him, and maybe send him down to finish the season, save the money, then see what he can do next year after he deals with the situation with his wife or learns to deal with it mentally.

Whatever the problem is though, the Tigers cannot pay that much for a player who does not produce.

Good article Jake


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