Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Big Ten Network

Michigan AD Bill Martin released a lengthy statement today explaining why Comcast is the primary culprit in the standoff with the BTN. There are a lot of people out there--including the man and woman who sat behind me at the Purdue game--who think that the BTN is evil. The majority of the people who actually know the details of the negotiations know this isn't true. Comcast lost me as a customer because of their transparent "we care about the customers" campaign that was absolute garbage. I made the switch to Direct TV and I couldn't be happier. The BTN isn't the most amazing network ever but I have it on just about every night at one point or another. Comcast is relying on its ability to dupe fans into thinking that the BTN is just a greedy idea aimed at keeping college football from the fans. If people think that, then they won't blame Comcast and thus, won't switch their service to another cable provider. Read Martin's message to get the real story.

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Deke said...

Great job Comcast sucks. They are putting their nasty little mitts on everything and screwing the consumer. It is funny because the Mountain West Conference left ESPN to get a bigger contract with CSTV and they formed the Mountain Network. Well Comcast bought part of this channel and won't allow Direct TV or Dish Network to carry it, along with various other cable providers. (Cox, Time Warner, etc.) So it is almost the opposite as in the case with the BTN. So in one case they bought in too keep it out of competitors hands and screw fans, with BTN they are trying to screw fans by saying they won;t pay for it. And to top it all OFF I have Comcast because I live in a Co-op and I can't get the Mountain even though it is a Comcast channel ! Go figure they flat out suck.


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