Tuesday, July 05, 2005

One and done

In his MLB debut, Justin Verlander took the loss against the Indians 6-0. His final stat line reads:

J. Verlander (L, 0-1) 5.1 7 4 4 3 4

It was obvious from watching the game that Verlander is a magnificent talent who will win a lot of games in Detroit. I would even venture to say that he's ready for the big leagues right now. However, the Tigers have their 5-man rotation accounted for which leaves no room for Verlander.

Hopefully, Justin's performance will encourage Dave Dombrowski to trade Mike Maroth and/or Jason Johnson at the trade deadline. The Tigers are out of the playoff race and need to begin looking to next year. Verlander's success next year would probably be much greater if he is given the last half of this season to figure out the big leagues.

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Tony said...

When you look at Verlander's stats, you see someone who seemed to get roughed up a bit. By actually watching him pitch, you saw an Indians team that was sitting on the fastball on the outside of the plate. Even at 99 with late movement, they were hitting it with power. He started getting his change up to work as the game went but his curve was always off and didn't have a good snap. I'd like to see him work on the curve, keep his elbow up, and focus on attacking the inner half of the plate. I don't know if Tram and Cluck kept him on the outer half or if that was his call, but the ball might have well been on a tee. I'd also like to see him develop a slider to go with the high 90's fastball, and his 82 change-up. The 80 mph curve is nice, but doesn't appear to be a plus pitch yet. Once he gets the curve down or adds the slider as a 4th pitch, Verlander will reach his potential as a top of the rotation arm. I liked what I saw, and I think we'll see Mr. Verlander in the old English D soon, maybe even later this year if someone like Johnson gets moved.


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