Friday, November 14, 2008

Lions Fever is going National

All I have for you today is an article. I think you’ll enjoy reading it for the subtle and not-so-subtle reasons. On the surface, it looks like every other Lions article. It talks about the ineptitude that has plagued Detroit’s football franchise since the first Beatles album was released in the United States. It references Matt Millen’s laughable tenure and the cruelty that Barry Sanders had to endure. None of that stuff is new. However, what is new is that this is from a national columnist. I’m not sure how William Clay Ford has guided an NFL franchise to a 277-383-13 over 44 years and done so under the radar. Maybe, just maybe, the rest of the NFL world is starting to catch on. It almost seems like Ford is running the franchise into the ground on purpose just to see how inept he has to be before anyone outside of Michigan notices. Maybe he really enjoyed Peter’s disposition in Office Space. Is it a coincidence that since its release, the Lions are an unfathomable 48-105? Maybe not. Enjoy and have a good weekend!

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