Friday, October 03, 2008

Michigan Player Board Week 4

There wasn't a whole lot of movement this week. Part of that is because the Wisconsin game only represents 1/4 of the season. Single games will start to have less and less impact on the rankings. The fact that Michigan played one of the worst halves of offensive football I have ever seen and then followed that with an amazing comeback cancelled each other out. The result is not a lot of movement. The defense will face its biggest test of the season against Juice Williams. If they don't do the job, you will see a lot of defensive players in the red next week. Hopefully, Michael Shaw and Montavious Odoms will see the ball more. It'll also be interesting to see if Kevin Koger gets more looks.

Top 25 Michigan Player Board

1Brandon Graham, DEBig Ten Defensive Player of the Week. Owned the Wiscy O-Line.

2Sam McGuffie, RBDidn’t have a great game but scored another TD. Leads the team in most offensive categories.

3Donovan Warren, CBWarren has performed a little better than Trent in just about every game.

4Brandon Harrison, SHad another strong effort against Wisconsin. He will face his biggest test against “Juice” on Saturday.

5Obi Ezeh, LBHelped hold P.J. Hill to just 70 yards with just a 3.2 YPC. The LB corps played its best game of the season against Wiscy.


6Tim Jamison, DEJamison doesn’t have a high sack total but he has been very effective in the pass rush this season.

7Morgan Trent, CBI don’t want to say Trent has regressed this year but I think he’s peaked. Still, he’s an above average CB in the Big Ten.


8Terrance Taylor, DTTT had a monster game against Wiscy’s D-Line. He’ll have his work cut out for him against “Juice” and the spread.


9Greg Mathews, WRMichigan’s only consistent downfield receiving threat. Averages 13.5 YPC. No other player with at least three catches even averages 10 YPC.


10Zoltan Mesko, PMade some crucial punts against Wiscy including his last that forced the PR to catch it out of bounds. Mesko is 4th in the country in punts per game (6.5). Only one other punter has more punts with a higher average (43.9)


11John Thompson, LBHad an excellent game even before his Int. return for a TD.


12Jonas Mouton, LBLarry Foote reincarnate? Mouton has gotten better each game and seems to be around the ball every play.


13Will Johnson, DTHas been up and down this season but played pretty well against Wisconsin.


14Montavious Odoms, WROnce Michigan gets a running QB, Odoms will explode. Defenses don’t fear the QB as a running threat which means they can key on the short stuff.


15Steve Threet, QBWhen he’s on, he’s better than the average D1 QB. When he’s off, there is nobody worse. He makes plays with his feet which has been a huge, albeit surprising, asset to Michigan’s offense.


16Mike Martin, DTMartin gives O-Lines fits. He is quick through the gap and is relentless in the pass rush. He’ll get more and more time as the season progresses.


17Brandon Minor, RBHuge run with a surprising finishing burst for a TD. Has two touchdowns on only 10 carries.


18Stevie Brown, SBest game of his career. I don’t remember a single glaring mistake.


19Steve Schilling, OTThere have been few bright spots on the line this season including Schilling. He has been the most consistent but that isn’t saying a whole lot.


20K.C. Lopata, KNot a lot of work against Wisconsin.


21David Mooseman, OGSingled out by RR as the offensive player of the game against Wisconsin. Maybe that’s simply based on who improved the most?


22Charles Stewart, SAlong with Brown, played best game of the season including a pick.


23Dave Molk, CMolk hasn’t been Michigan’s worst offensive lineman. He got smoked by Wiscy’s D-Line, though.

24Michael Shaw, RBDidn’t play against Wisconsin although he was given a clean bill of health before the game. Should see action against Illinois.


25Kevin Koger, TELikely supplanted Carson Butler as go-to TE. Made huge catch to get ‘M’ on the scoreboard.


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