Thursday, September 04, 2008

Michigan Player Chart Week 1

I thought it might be cool to track the progress of Michigan's best players throughout the season. Instead of the typical top 25 college football poll, I'll be doing a weekly top 25 Michigan player poll. My rankings won't be based as much on reputation and potential as they will be on actual game-performance. Carson Butler is probably one of the five most talented players on the team but if nobody throws to him, he'll have a hard time cracking the top ten. The rankings will be cumulative each week. By mid-season, player movement should be fairly limited. I expect substantial movement after week two. There were a lot of terrible performances. The defense dominates the list since the offense was putrid.

I was able to watch the Utah-game twice; once in person and once on DVR. I plan on viewing each game at least twice so I'm not saying stupid things like, "Marell Evans was phenomenal with 4 tackles and .5 TFLs." It obviously doesn't apply this week but I'll add a movement column to track player movement from week to week.

Quick side note: This is slightly off topic but I'm pretty fired up about it. Greg Mathews was injured because #11 on Utah was an idiot and dove onto Mathews's leg after the ball was dropped. That joker should've been given a late hit penalty. I noticed it at the game and it was just as ridiculous when I took another look at home. As a result, Mathews will likely be out this week. It's a shame because Mathews was Michigan's best player on offense.

Top 25 Michigan Player Chart

1 Obi Ezeh, MLB Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week.
2Brandon Graham, DEHeated up on the last drive of first half. Finished with 3.5 TFL, 1 sack, and 7 tackles.
3Will Johnson, DTSingled out by Rodriguez along with Ezeh. Finished with 1.5 sacks.
4Morgan Trent, CBFlawless with quite a few authoritative hits.
5Tim Jamison, DETwo tackles, two sacks.
6Greg Mathews, WRMade two fantastic defensive plays; one prevented an int., the other a possible TD. Also led ‘M’ with 54 total yards.
7Terrance Taylor, DTRode the bench for a bit in the 2nd Half but chipped in with a blocked extra point, 3 tackles, and .5 sacks.
8Junior Hemingway, WRNice grab on 3rd and 5 in traffic and, of course, the 33 yard TD grab.
9Brandon Harrison, SSurprisingly solid day. Two pretty good kick returns combined with good position all day made for a good effort.
10Donovan Warren, CBTwo horrible plays; one led to a 55 yard pass completion and the other went for a TD. He was solid otherwise.
11Sam McGuffie, RBNo room to run but ran for a TD and hauled in a 23 yard pass.
12K.C. Lopata, KIncreased his career long by eight yards with a 50 yard field goal.
13Michael Shaw, RBSimilar to McGuffie but had 20 fewer total yards. Hauled in a nice 8-yard TD grab.
14Montavious Odoms, WRHauled in the nicest -3 yard reception you’ll ever see. Had little room to operate but showed great hands with five catches.
15Carson Butler, TEQuiet for most of the day. Made a fantastic one-handed catch on 3rd down drive that led to a TD. He should get 15 looks a game.
16Zoltan Mesko, PNothing like Utah’s punter God. One bad punt overshadowed an otherwise solid effort. He was busy booting 7 punts for 264 yards.
17Brandon Minor, RBHad one carry for 21 yards and three other carries for zero yards. Should’ve had a TD grab but was badly overthrown.
18Austin Panter, LBHe was involved in a lot of plays; good and bad. 4 tackles, .5 sacks and a fumble recovery is a decent tow even with a few misreads.
19Mike Martin, DTSpelled Taylor for parts of the second half and the defense didn’t miss a beat.
20Ryan Van Bergen, DEBefore leaving with an injury, provided good pressure and forced an intentional grounding penalty.
21Jonas Mouton, LBPlayed better than Marell Evans.
22Steven Threet, QBNice TD pass to Hemingway and did well at getting out of the pocket. Accuracy was pretty brutal.
23Adam Patterson, DENot too many players worthy of mentioning left but Patterson had a tackle and a forced fumble that gave ‘M’ a chance to tie.
24Mark Moundros, FBBlocked punt was huge.
25Darryl Stonum, WRNot much to say. He was wide open on 4th down and could’ve kept Michigan’s hopes alive but…you know the rest.


Anonymous said...

McGuffie should be lower. He fumbled inside his own 10. He was lucky his D bailed him out on that turnover.

Jake said...


Two things...

1). McGuffie certainly didn't have a "good" game but who else goes ahead of him? I've got virtually the whole defense ahead of him and Hemingway and Mathews were the only players on offense better than McGuffie.

2). McGuffie's "fumble" that you refer to came on a bad exchange between Sheridan and McGuffie. It was as much Sheridan's fault as it was McGuffie's. If you want to take points away from McGuffie for pointing at Sheridan after the play, then by all means. That was weak.


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