Friday, June 20, 2008

He's certified!

“The Boston Three Party” hasn’t been around long enough to merit an 80s level of Celtics-hatred around these parts. In fact, I kind of enjoyed seeing them win a championship. It didn’t hurt that it prevented a Kobe/Phil Jackson media love-fest. It also didn’t hurt that KG has always been one of my favorite players dating back to his days at Farragut Academy in Chicago. He considered going to Michigan before making the jump straight to the NBA. After he was drafted in ’95, I asked for a KG jersey for my birthday. Since rookie jerseys weren’t being sold yet, my mom called the Minnesota Timberwolves and they put her straight through to Jack McCloskey. He fired off a KG jersey and I was soon wearing it every other day. So, I was happy with the outcome of the Finals and that was before KG delivered one of the all-time great post-game interviews. In fact, it may be the greatest post-game championship interview of all-time. I don’t know how many of you watched Game Six or the celebration but if you didn’t, you are about to see a man experiencing euphoria. Since I had the volume turned down, I had subtitles on and KG’s comments caused chaos in the world of closed captioning. “Anything’s possibbbbbbbbbbbbbbble!”

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Anonymous said...

Once my boys were out of it I didn't care who won the title, but I must say KG was a passenger on this train. He was not the driver. I don't think he ever came through in the waning moments of a big game and generally shied away from teh big shot. did not hurt that he had Ray Allen and PP on his squad to take those. Of course, the final game wasn't even close so it did not matter. I thought this year's finals were kind of boring.


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