Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rippin' it up 9th district style

By now, many of you have probably heard that former Lions running back and Mosi Tatupa Award winner, Brock Olivo, has decided to run for Congress in his native Missouri. Olivo’s political debut came on a video that has made the rounds on YouTube where he has been mocked by seemingly every person in existence. My goal here is not to indict Olivo’s candidacy. Clearly, a 31-year old delving into politics for the first time is going to be “green.” Hardcore political people will make fun of anyone for anything if it makes their side—and thus themselves—look good. That is magnified by three million when the internet is involved. Olivo, no doubt, has a lot more to offer than what his 3-minute spiel might otherwise indicate. One of his main criticisms is that he was not ready to talk about his platform or admit to some of the issues that will be paramount to his campaign. That is a fair point but Olivo stated repeatedly that he was just getting started and would be willing to discuss his platform in due time. Give the guy a break!

Even the most savvy candidates are usually glorified puppets anyways so if you’re going to criticize Olivo for something, criticize him for not understanding that politics is largely about saying things that people want to hear whether you believe them or not. Or, you might criticize him for being forced to put “former member of the Detroit Lions” on his resume. Never mind the criticism that he’s taken thus far for being an appropriately inexperienced, 31-year old politician. Explaining his association with the Lions might be his biggest obstacle. Then again, Olivo picked the right state to make his political debut. Missouri elected a dead guy to the Senate in 2000…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The Olivo story provides a nice segue into my primary reason for writing which is to respond to one of the least reasonable decisions since the Macaroni Grill got rid of its nachos (Feel free to leave a comment if you feel the same way). The Lions—the 31-81 over the last seven years Lions—have decided to raise ticket prices! Unbelievable. The season-ticket holders are partially to blame on this one. I cannot believe that the Lions still sell-out every game with such a blatant disregard for competency. I would not attend a Lions game for free. William Clay Ford is the worst owner in the history of professional sports and he fittingly has held on to the worst GM in the NFL despite going through three different coaching regimes. It would be astonishing if there wasn't a massive drop-off in season ticket-holders next year. This price increase has to be taken as a slap in the face to any person who has actually spent money on the Lions product. If this doesn’t drive people over the edge, then Ford might as well save money by getting in contact with all of the Alabama degenerates who will no doubt be looking for somewhere to play. He could pay them the league minimum and actually make even more of a profit on this 31-81-thing.

Honestly, what motivation could Ford possibly have in spending even half as much as the rest of the NFL when Lions fans keep spending their hard earned dollar no matter how terrible the team performs? Is it possible that this whole seven-year experience has just been a really long episode of “MTV’s Boiling Point” and Lions fans are about to cash-in on a measly $100? That’s really the only explanation I have for how ghastly the Lions have played and the subsequent indifference demonstrated by the fan-base. Ask any season ticket-holder how they feel about the Lions and they'll start rippin' into Ford and Millen while pulling out their checkbook to renew for next season. Stop giving them your money!

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