Thursday, January 19, 2006

Random Thoughts in my head NBA Edition

-The anti-LeBron James bandwagon is growing by the day. After seeing ESPN cut down LeBron for what seems like the thousandth time, I decided to compare LeBron's statistics to ESPN's wonderboy Carmelo Anthony. Keep in mind that ESPN likes to mention that LeBron is NOT a clutch player while Carmelo is a clutch player. They use Carmelo’s 4-2 head to head advantage as proof. Before, I could even get into a statistical comparison, this is what I found under LeBron’s profile:

Status Alert: James had a strong all-around game (24 points, 11 rebounds, nine assists) Wednesday night in his head-to-head matchup with Carmelo Anthony and the Nuggets, but as usual in these matchups couldn't find his shot (7-for-20 FG, 8-for-15 FT). (Jan 18)”

In the same game, Carmelo Anthony scored a grand total of 17 points with ONE rebound and three assists. Yet, there is no “Status Alert” under Anthony’s profile saying that he struggled in the game.

Here is a comparison of the two player’s statistics this season:

----------LeBron James------Carmelon Anthony
FG %--------.499--------------------.464
BLK----------.89-------------------- .54

Here is LeBron’s ESPN profile. Note the “alert” that undercuts an extremely productive game. Here is Carmelo’s ESPN profile that mentions nothing of his 6 for 17 shooting night that only produced 17 points and ONE rebound.

-ESPNews just came on and the lead story was “another ugly incident of an NBA player going into the stands.” ESPN is in a class of its own as far as sensationalism goes. For those of you that didn’t catch what happened, there was nothing ugly about it. Antonio Davis thought he saw a man threatening his wife in the stands so he jogged over to her seat to make sure everything was fine. No punches were thrown nor did anyone get hurt. Davis may have warranted an ejection and possibly a suspension by the league since he did break an NBA rule but there was nothing “ugly” about what happened. The game featured a game-winning three pointer by Chicago's Ben Gordon in overtime. The ESPN broadcaster said something like "Gordon's heroics were overshadowed by the incident involving Davis going into the stands." Since 99% of all basketball fans did not watch this game, the only reason why Gordon's three-pointer was "overshadowed" was because ESPN chose to overshadow it by focusing its attention on the better "story". If I were watching this game, there's no question tha I come away remembering Gordon's three-pointer. This was a perfect opportunity for ESPN to give Ben Gordon his due since he's been on fire recently. Instead, they tried pawning off a non-incident on the viewing audience as the "real" story.

-Speaking of Ben Gordon, how can a guy who averages 28 points per 48 minutes and shoots 41% career from the three point line be so under-utilized? I just read a scout's comments the other day that said Gordon is a liability on the floor and won't amount to anything. If I were an NBA GM, I would be more than happy to take Gordon off the hands of the Bulls. It seems like they don't no what they've got especially since it took 1.5 years to realize this guy should be starting.

-I would not take Steve Francis on my team for free; or Stephon Marbury for that matter.

-Regardless of its regular season record, the Miami Heat will be just as difficult come playoff time this year as it was last year. The same can’t be said for the Pacers without Ron Artest.

-The NBA salary cap is around $60 million. The New York Knicks team payroll is $124 million. The Detroit Pistons team payroll is $58 million. The second highest payroll in the NBA belongs to Dallas at $96 million. Here is comparison of notable teams:

1). New York Knicks-----$124 million
2). Dallas Mavericks-----$97 million
3). Philadelphia 76ers----$84 million
4). Indiana Pacers---------$79 million
5). Orlando Magic--------$75 million
10). San Antonio Spurs--$63 million
13). Miami Heat----------$61 million
17). Detroit Pistons------$59 million
24). Phoenix Suns--------$54 million

-If the Golden State Warriors are refusing to give up Michael Petrius or Ike Diogu for Ron Artest, then they’re crazy. Artest would immediately make that team one of the top four teams in the Western Conference.

-Because I didn’t get it all off my chest earlier, I must say that the Carmelo Anthony hype is ridiculous. He’s the most overrated player in the NBA right now. Anthony may develop into a superstar but he has nothing on Lebron James or Dwyane Wade both of which have better all-around games after two NBA seasons.

-The San Antonio Spurs will be in the NBA finals again this season. They are clearly the best team in the West and will not be challenged for the second year in a row.

-If the Detroit Pistons hang on to home-court advantage, there’s a 75% chance they’ll win the NBA Championship. If they don’t hang on to home-court, there’s a 25% chance.

-The list of the top 30 salaries in the NBA includes the following players:

2). Allan Houston----------$19,125,000
4). Michael Finley---------$18,612,500
10). Brian Grant------------$16,128,438
13). Anfernee Hardaway--$15,750,000
14). Keith Van Horn-------$15,694,250
19). Tim Thomas-----------$13,975,000
20). Antonio Davis---------$13,900,000

Allan Houston makes 58% of the entire Charlotte Bobcats payroll. Only Shaq makes more than Houston. Each of the players listed above make more than; Dirk Nowitzki, Vince Carter, Paul Pierce, Baron Davis, Shawn Marion, Steve Nash, Elton Brand, Ray Allen, Michael Redd, and every player on the Detroit Pistons. In fact, Houston makes more money than any two Pistons combined.

-Despite having an otherwise stellar season, Dwyane Wade is 3 for 38 from beyond the three point line this season.

-The over/under for J.J. Redick’s NBA career should be set at Shawn Respert. I really have no idea if I’d take the over or under on that one.

-The ending of the Shaq/Kobe feud made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. No wait, that was the oatmeal I just ate. My mistake. The Shaq/Kobe reconciliation actually made me throw-up in my mouth.

-Andre Kirilenko is the most underrated player in the NBA

-Despite playing the toughest schedule in the NBA, and having the second lowest payroll in the NBA, the NO/Oklahoma City Hornets are 19-19 and within one game of the 8th playoff spot. That should give you an idea of how good Chris Paul is.

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